Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Did It!

Well, our friend David got busy and it started getting dark, so Bobby and I had to finish the job of getting that annoying new hood/fan into the wall. There were two rectangular shaped tin pieces that needed to fit into each other perfectly. The problem was, needing a “man” outside and one inside. So, I became the “man” inside and Bobby outside and we got it done! When Bobby heard that tin pop in finally, I could hear him giggle through the fan.:) Next was hooking up the stove and then we were done with no time to spare. We had to leave the house at about 6:00 to be somewhere and that is when we finished! So, maybe tonight I will try cooking on my new stove I have waited so many years for. Last night we ordered Chinese and it was fantastic! We almost always get the same thing. Bobby gets beef lo mien with no water chestnuts and extra garlic and I get pork fried rice with extra onion, garlic, and pea pods. They know our order by heart now at the restaurant but every once in a while a new employee will stumble over our order. “You want what?….peapods in your rice?” It is always fresh and good. Two brothers own the restaurant and they both cook. Their names are Bing and Sing….really….you can’t make this stuff up! Bing is the better cook (we think)…..sorry Sing! Actually, they are both good but Bing adds a little sumpin sumpin to it that Sing doesn’t…not sure what?….but it’s good. Ok… are some photos of the old stove and the new as promised….hopefully they will come through. When we removed the hood/fan, I caught a bit of a sunset through the opening….cool! See you all tomorrow….and a special hello to my cousin who lives on an island here in Maine who has been reading my blog! Will talk to you later my friend.










Out with the old and in with the new….yahoo!!:) I left out the pictures of how nasty the old one looked and how dirty it was behind that stove!! All clean now!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Nice stove!! I want one too :-)
When I order chinese food I´ll always have fried shrimps and extra water chesnuts on the side.

Anonymous said...

Now you can cook that chineese and save some more money.It should be abreeze on that new are becoming a good blogger day by day .

Anonymous said...

ps you already got an award and you can post it on your page.

Joyce T said...

Good for you!

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