Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A mix of this and that….

This is my third day in this blogging world and I am finally getting the hang of it somewhat. There is much more to learn. Between my husband the computer mechanic, who has his own blog and my father in law who has his, as well, at….I guess I will get the advice I need. I thank them both for their help!

I can see the snow coming down outside my window as I write this morning. Morning?….yes…my first morning post. I was so intimidated to begin writing in the morning I had to wait until evening to get my blog legs. The weather folks are claiming we are getting a little of this and that today. Some sleet and snow and freezing rain and what else do we expect? After all….this is Maine! We are about to venture out into the world of white shortly and I am feeling like a kid who wants to have my own snow day. Remember those days? Mom would come into your room announcing NO SCHOOL TODAY! My brothers and I would get up and watch cartoons and have a leisurely breakfast and head outside with our sleds. There was a large sand pit at the top of our road and  then you would go through a patch of woods to get there. It was a magical place. We would dress in layers, say goodbye to mom, promise to be careful and head for the pit. Of course before we left we would call all the neighborhood kids and we either met them there or picked them up along the way. I grew up in a small town and most of those friends were within walking distance. It was a great ride down that pit and there was a bonus second pit at the bottom which fell onto an ice rink. If you had a good sled that went fast and the conditions were just right, you ended up on that ice! That was the best ride there. Usually a good waxed flying saucer would get you there. The walk back up that hill was unbelievable but the ride down was such a rush that it was all worth it. My brothers, and the other neighborhood boys were more daring than us girls. They would make snow jumps….big bumps of snow in the middle or sometimes at the top of the hill.  If it was in the middle, it would set you flying high and fast and depending on how big it was, it hurt like hell when landing! Oh that was a lot of fun and what a great place to grow up. I will be forever grateful for those memories. Gosh, I think I got a little carried away writing so I will wrap this up. It is time to step out into the snow and start my day as an adult….off to work! Have a wonderful day and for all you snowbirds in Florida and Tennessee and North Carolina and  other warmer climates….see what your missing!! Ha ha…….


Anonymous said...

Look at you!!! It seems you are a fine blogger in your own right. Keep up the good work...D.V. Me

Anonymous said...

Good job Deb a fine blog today we will be watching you.

alicemary said...

Now who wouldn't like reading this fine memory of sliding down a snow hill. Yahoo! Good writing. Keep on ... Keep on, sliding on fresh snow! Your friend, Grape Lady.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It seemes You have the same kind of weather in Main as we do in Sweden. But I never had the pleasur og having the scool closed because of snow.

I grew up in Gotheburg, a big town or a small city, and it is placed by the sea so it mostly rained there. But when the snow came we went to a big park not far away from our homes. What fun we had there with our sleds :-)

Keep on blogging! I like it very much!

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