Friday, January 16, 2009

Clearing Up The Mess

Dorothy Parker once observed….”it’s not the tragedies in life that kill us, it’s the messes.”  Sometimes I don’t recognize a mess until it starts to become a tragedy. If I am not spiritually fit or my house is not in order or I just happen to be off the beam in life, I have many tragedies ahead of me. Last night I had a little mess I needed to look at and make some decisions about. Intuition is a wonderful thing. It tells me to leave this thing that is bothering me alone for now and sleep on it…so I did. I awoke with a lot of noise in my head still, but somehow it all seemed to be a little bit clearer as the day unfolded. I think this is how we grow in life. If we never look at anything we never really truly see it for what it is. Dr. Phil says you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and it was time for me to acknowledge some things about me and my mess. I did some praying and some soul searching and talked to a couple of good friends to conclude that my “intuition” was probably right all along. All I needed to do now was take action. So….the action, I will take tonight. What does all this mean? To me, it means to listen to that little voice inside myself… not be afraid of her….to not challenge her….to not fight her….that little voice has my best interests at heart…..that little voice is my higher power looking out for me when I can’t look out for myself  because my brain gets in the way. Off I go to take care of my mess…..wish me luck! :)


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Yes it´s important to listen to that little voice. And to close friends to, because they can see things from another angle than one can do one self. I wish You all the luck You can get!
Have a nice evening now!

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog somehow I missed it yesterday. Hows your mess today? Hope you got it all sorted out.are these voices in our heads like the little people that live in the forest? And what little voice does Dr. Phil listen to?

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