Friday, January 23, 2009

It Arrived!!

My new radiant range arrived today! It’s a beauty. My husband is currently on the floor at the back of it hooking up the clamp and power cord, they call it a range pigtail. I just got back from the hardware store picking up a new pigtail and two different sized clamps. One of them worked, so the new pigtail will go back to the hardware store. That will save us 15.00. The crew of two men arrived here around 11:30 with the stove in the back of a truck. I was hold up in the living room with Obie, (my dog) as he would have driven them crazy, trying to kiss their ears and jumping up and down! My husband was quite surprised to see the stove without a box. When asked if it was from the factory or a floor model, they assured him it was from the factory. He noticed two or three small nicks on the stove and asked what they could do about that? We paid a lot of money for it and we figure it should be like brand new….right out of the box….but no box?! A call was placed to the company and our warranty was extended from 1 year to 5 years for free!! My  husband saved us 150.00 to 200.00 because of his observant and persistent nature! He gets that from Woody! So….hopefully by this evening, the stove will be installed and the overhead hood as well. To put the hood in, we need another man outside looking in, standing on top of our bulkhead. We are waiting for our friend David to show up to help. He is a busy guy so it will be a while! Meanwhile, I am trying to rest my shoulder and it is still sore but better. I am being very careful. Bobby (my husband) has been very busy doing double time without much help from me. :(

It is good to hear some people clean behind their stoves!! Good for you. I think I will from now on! It is very clean there now! I don’t have to make it perfect, as we are getting a new floor within the next few months. I will show pictures of it all maybe later if I can. Very cloudy here today and cold….kind of a dreary afternoon…but we are warm and cozy in our nice little  home. I couldn’t ask for more. Have a great day all of you bloggers!! See you back tomorrow….Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your hurt shoulder! That is truly hurtful debolitation!
About your new stove: Bravo and great happy days! Yes, Bob is like his father - very $$$ conscious and observant! Hes an honest man and expects honesty in return. Youy both work hard and long for your money - set a goal and strife towards reaching it, deligently whether buying a stove or helping your children or other family members in need, or friends.
Anyway, dear heart, all work out and I'm glad to know that your shoulder is on the mend.
See you and Bob this weekend ... Much love ...

Anonymous said...

better late than never here is my comment for today or is it yesterday. glad you got your stove and good you saved some money> as I always say a penny saved is just like money in your pocket.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Rainy and widy here. The roads can work like an ice hockey rink today :-)

Good that You got extra warranty! I would probably not have noticed anything at all, until it was to late. I´m looking forward to a picture of Your new stove! Take it easy with Your shoulder now, so it heals properly!

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