Monday, January 19, 2009

Deep Into The White Stuff Once Again…

Wow!! Did we get hit with at first was a lot of fluffy white snow and then a second wallop of sticky snow on top! I believe we got about a foot here in my little town. As I write this, our plow guy is cleaning up and putting the finishing touches on the driveway. He came twice yesterday during the storm. It is a magical winter wonderland out there. Before I left this morning, I ventured out to take some photos of the snow on the big pines before the sun melted it. Guess what? Batteries were dead in the camera! So…I charged them up and when I got home the snow was still there. I love the look of the trees when that sticky snow stays on them and that is what I tried to capture.


My dog Obie was having fun yesterday running around with us while we shoveled. He is a snow dog and loves to dig in the snow. Jack Russells love to dig anything! He digs the carpet and the couch and his bed and on and on from time to time. Here are the rest of the photos taken today…..enjoy and stay warm….

snow6 snow2 snow3 snow4 snow5

Cheerio!….See you at the next storm…..


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Beautiful photoes!
We got snow last night too! Perhaps half an inch :-) But most of iy melted away during the day. But new snow is on its way they say.

My dogs don´t dig that much I´m happy ton say. Sometimes in the garden to reach the roots of the dandylions. They just loves to eat them. But they do enjoy the snow when it comes :-)
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Yer doin good with your bloggin keep on keeping on as they say.A word to the wittwy wizard of words aka rab ect HI!!!!!!!

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