Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Missing Blog

It would seems that I got so busy yesterday that I was not able to write in my new blog. I did enjoy reading everyone else’s blog though. You tried and true bloggers are something else! It does take discipline and a little imagination, which all of you definitely have. I did, however, try to capture some of the sites of winter here in my little corner of heaven and beyond to share with you……nothing special……just some shots of winter in Maine. The January calendar that hopefully precedes it all is an xmas gift from my husband. It is a beautiful Victorian calendar and each month is more spectacular than the next. My cat baby is in there too. She was looking out the window at the snow (I think?)……actually, she has not given up on the idea that if she goes outside one more time, she may find summer back! In and out she goes every day trying to will the warm weather back. She’s still in denial about winter being here. She wants to run through the blueberry plains and catch herself a field mouse or two……or fly up a tree and chase a red squirrel or a swallow. Yup……you can’t blame an old girl for trying now can you. My jack Russell Obie knows better. He goes outside, takes care of his business, and is promptly back at the door waiting to come in. He’s no fool. Cats are a little slower I guess at accepting the concept of winter. They are both lying in front of our monitor heater right now napping. She has given in once more……went out and came back in and is now in surrender mode for the time being. Since we humans have many fun things to do inside, it may be time for me to find a fun thing or two for my two animal friends to do. I see Christer’s animals appear to go out with him and follow him everywhere……even the cats!! How cool is that! Ok…I am going to attempt to add a slide show right here….wish me luck….



The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Wonderful pictures! That is how winter should be, not as here by the Cranelake. Cold and snowy for some days, then warm, then cold without snow, then warm and then cold again. No wonder that we always are sick here :-)

My dogs loves to be outside when it´s cold. There is a lot of New Foundland in them, so they don´t seeme to feel the cold air at all. My cats, I think, don´t understand that they are catsn but rather small dogs :-) At the moment they all sleep in my bed :-)
have a really nice day now!

Anonymous said...

Good job nice pictures you caught the real essence of winter.Your truancy of the other day is forgiven BUT miss NO more mrs.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone not take pleasure in your pictures! Excellent Job, Debbie! Truly, I am impressed - Talk about natural bloggers!
Now how in blazes can I compete w/that - I can't but I can learn from you and then do my best. You don't even make a misspell and can type w/two hands whereas I 'chicken-peck' w/the fingers of one hand and misspelling is (regretfully) a given. Yikes!
Yet, how can I lose? I can't as I have you and BeanBlogger and Bob and all the other multi-talented Bloggers to glean know-how from. At my age I glory in just being able to use the computer! Yahoo!
I am proud of you and your many talents ... How about a picture of your FolkArt pillow that you made me for Christmas? How about your crochet purses and pin cushions?
What about the pillow that you're working on now?
Love it! The Grape Lady ...
(The grape lady: It's okay to tell that story)

Anonymous said...

OH OH you missed another or are you switching to night writing?
everwatchful woody

Anonymous said...

Debbie I am indeed trying to give bloging a thought but I have so much running through this head of mine that I feel that it might end up to be a real diasaster I know I did not spell that right but I'm sure you know what I mean and you know me' a real dud when it comes to spelling. Well keep up the blogs and I will keep on reading them. Love Ya'

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