Thursday, January 22, 2009

Injuriously Late….

I am late to my new blog today because of many reasons. Everything I do today is taking me longer to do. I am running on a slower pace. I am moving more deliberately. I am contemplating every action before I take it. Why?….because I injured my shoulder yesterday. I was unloading bags of goods from the local grocery store cart to my car when I was all of a sudden in excruciating pain. It took my breath away and brought me to tears. My dear husband, noticing my distress, came quickly out of our Jeep to help me! A day later and a few rounds of ice packs and Tylenol, I am on the mend. So, today was slow going. It took me twice as long to do normal things, because I did not want to feel the pain I felt yesterday again! Pain is a great attention getter!

We have an electric stove that is 25 years old. We have been meaning to replace it for a while now, but just have not gotten to it. To further us in that cause, two burners died. So, it was inevitable and we got our monies worth after 25 years! Two days ago we went bargain hunting to Lowe’s and to Home Depot. We were in search of a radiant range and an overhead hood/fan and a set of new kitchen faucets (another thing that is 25 years old and leaking) and a craft table for my new room upstairs. Note: When children grow up and move away, you get a room of your own! Bonus!! My husband has my daughters room, (now turned into a computer repair room) and I have my son’s room, (a craft/catchall/spare bedroom…?? room)…..and we are quite happy about that! We got the overhead fan/hood, and the 6 foot craft table, and some lovely faucets and we bought a beautiful 5 burner GE radiant range with lots of extras. It has a self cleaning oven (doesn’t every woman need that?!)….a hidden bake element….I had no idea what that was and it is so cool! For anyone who doesn’t know….the element that heats the oven at the bottom of the oven, is not there!! That’s right….it disappeared! All you see is the metal base of the stove! The heat is under that! I love it! It also has a kind of 6th burner called a simmer burner. It has a high and a low on that burner but never gets beyond a simmer….weird huh? Why the high and low? Anyway….we spent a good part of the day taking out the old….very nasty stove and hood, cleaning….(do most of you regularly pull out your stove and clean behind it??…..well if you are like me (I don’t!)…’s a jungle behind there! There were  two french fries that were possibly 25 years old that fell out and of course my dog Obie ate them before you could even think about grabbing them! He seems to be alright! We’ll keep an eye on him!:) So…that was our day….out with the really old and in with the really new. The stove is being delivered from Lowe’s early in the morning. I can’t wait to hook it up and cook my first meal in it. It even has a clock! Mine hasn’t worked in at least 10 years!:) I’ll let you know how it goes…..we took pictures of it all.


Anonymous said...

Sore shoulders sure smart and that's from one who knows for Ive been there done that. May it heal quickly. congrats on the new stuff it is always nice to upgrade.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Have You checked what happened with Your shoulder? Hopefully it´s just a straining in a muscle.
I do clean behind my selectric stowe. My cats go in behaind it sometimes and it´s not fun when they get to durty :-) It must be a big stowe if there are six burners. Don´t think I´ve ever seen such a big one. My stowe is only twenty years old :-) But I think one of the burners have problems now. But on the other hand I have my fire stowe instead.
Congratulations to the new stove!

Anonymous said...

This and the following days' Blogs are both wonderful pieces of writings! Interesting, informational, pictorial, humorous and serious.
Great writing! Love it!
The GrapeLady

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