Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Music Runs Through My Veins

My father was a banjo and guitar player. He got his first banjo when he was just a child. The story goes, that there was a man that lived across the street from my grandparents that did not have a garage for his car. My grandfather at the time had a garage but no car. My grandfather offered his garage or large barn to the neighbor to store his car in winter. To return the favor, the neighbor gave my grandfather an old banjo. My father started taking lessons and the rest is history. He played that banjo very well and all over the state of Maine and beyond. He owned a Les Paul guitar as well that he played very well. My house was full of music growing up. My mother didn’t play an instrument but she sang and sounded like Sophie Tucker. She would belt out old tunes like Bill Bailey and Five Foot Two and Alabama Jubilee. It was magical! I miss them so much. I play a little guitar myself but never really got very good at it….I just have enough knowledge to play a few songs for myself.

One of my brothers plays very well. He had a band in high school and beyond. He taught both his sons (my nephews) how to play and they become incredible guitar players. My nephew Adam moved to Nashville several years ago, as did his brother Joe and my brother and his wife. Adam married a girl named Carey who is an incredible singer who sometimes reminds me of my mother when she sings bluesy type songs the way my mom did! The band they are in is called the Sways. They write their own music and songs and are both a wonderfully talented duo!! I am going to drop in a video of the two of them if I can at the end of this blog. It is a promo and also some of their music done live at a place in Nashville called The Basement. I am so proud of both of them. Let me know what you think? If you like them….let them know. In the promo, Adam gives some ways of contacting them.

Adam & Carey


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I really like them! The music is really good, but here voice is even better. Couldn´t for my life hear the adress they said, they say it to fast for me. But You can tell them for me, please!

Music is important in my family too. I used to sing in some choirs in my church, it´s so fun to do that.
Enjoy the day now!

Anonymous said...

`It seems we all have the music in us it is just that some never get to play it. But we can sing along with that little voice in our head.Applause to your musical family Adam's videos are nice.

Anonymous said...

I don't think, Debbie, that you give yourself fair credit for your own musical talents.You sing and play the guitar wonderfully but, never, never enough. Also to be mentioned is your lovely daughter who has natural musical talent and can write lyrics that reaches beyond one's ear. When the both of you sing together, it's 'satin and chiffon' harmony unless (as you said so accurately) 'belting one out' then its 'burlap rag' and good times.
Your mother was a true songbird and your father, a gifted showman and instrumentalist.
They will always unforgetable through cherished memories and the talents of their heirs.
The grape lady ...

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