Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So You Want Some Snow?

I have been a little busy so I have had to ignore the guilt I am feeling for not writing in my blog! As hard as it is to believe, we are getting hit with a HUGE winter storm. They are claiming that we are getting between one and two feet of snow and some of that may turn into freezing rain. Our noon time local news report turned into an hour today. They had an extra half hour of news specifically dedicated to the storm. That should tell you something! That only happens when we have a severe ice storm and we had a terrible one in 1998. We have videos of that devastating storm, taken by all of our local tv channels at the time. Guess who is on one of those videos?….yup….my husband. We were getting water at the local town office to use to boil for cooking and flushing the toilet and washing dishes when the news crews caught him to ask questions. We were without power for some time back then. Hope we don’t lose it with this storm. Two feet is a lot of snow!

Our plow guy has already done a sweep and it is only 3:30 p.m. He may have to come 2 more times. He’s a great guy….a Plummer by trade, but makes a little extra cash with his plowing jobs. He does not charge us for the extra times he comes and that is awesome! I will get some photos tomorrow of the big storm to share with you all.

I started cooking on my new stove once I figured out how to run it. Bobby and I had the day off due to the storm….no school today…yeeeehaa! So…I ventured out to the store, early, to get supplies. Us Mainers do that you know when there is a good storm brewing.:) I came back and made a big brunch for both of us. We had blueberry pancakes and home fried potatoes, and green pepper, onion cheese omelets, and turkey bacon. It was delish!! Everything cooked more evenly and much faster on my new stove. I love it! All this time I thought it was my cooking! Ha! I just finished baking mini meatloaves, and we will have that with garlic spaghetti and a big salad, later this evening. The meatloaves cooked very quickly and evenly. Why did I wait 25 years for a new stove?:(

Bobby is busy on computers, baby is catnapping, and Obie is gnawing on a big rawhide I got for him this morning at the store. He has been working on that for hours. It keeps him busy. Me?….cooking….dishes….cooking….dishes….that’s my day so far! Now I will relax with some sewing on my crazy quilt pillow I am making. I will share some photos with you when it starts to look respectable.:)

I was looking at some Maine photographs and came across this cool site of Maine photos….I will drop it here and hope it comes through…..Cheerio!….See you tomorrow after the storm.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I hope the storm isn´t to serius!!
I can only remember that they hace closed schools and workplaces one time in my 44 year long life. That was 1997 in Gothenburg. We got 3,3feet of snoe´w one night. The dogs I had then lived it :-) People left their cars in the middle of the road when they couldn´t drive any more. Everything stopped. Everuthing were closed for several days.

I´m glad that You like Your new stove! I looked thru the pictures and they ar fantastic!
Take care in the storm now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I spell as a chipmunk :-) Of course I mean it snowed one night and that my dogs loved it :-) :-)

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