Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alice Mary…..

Today’s blog is a tribute to my wonderful mother in law Alice Mary. I have been hoping that she would start her own blog because she is such an exceptional writer and and all around creative lady. I think she will, when she is ready. Two years ago, at Christmas time, she did an oil painting just for me, called Debbie’s Ladies. It was a take on Tom Barnes’s long neck ladies paintings that are fabulous! To see the Tom Barnes original, you need to go to Art.com and type in Tom Barnes and the painting is called The Harlequins Again. I have been quite a procrastinator when it comes to framing this great painting. I have a frame for it but it needs a matting for the inside which I plan on doing soon!  I was so honored and surprised that she had done this for me….especially since she had not painted in many years. I just love the painting!! Here are some photos of it….






The way it is framed is temporary but I just wanted to share how talented she is. She has also done a wall mural in her home that is unbelievable! She is a woman of many talents….she has been crocheting for years…is a genealogist and has done the entire family on both sides as far back as she could go….files and files of information with added photos and history in scrapbook style….for generations to cherish in years to come. She is a deep thinker which makes her a superb writer and of course an artist in many ways, besides her oil paintings, which she has done many. I am honored to have this painting and honored to call her my mother in law and friend. I hope she jumps into the blog world soon, as she has a lot to offer. One of the greatest gifts she has always given me is her friendship. She is one of those people that cheer you on in life….no matter what is going on….she stands on the sidelines and keeps on cheering and uplifting your spirit. She’s a great lady. So….Alice Mary…..much love to you from the blog world and beyond…..your friend and daughter in law……:)


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

What a great painting!
I always feel good about myself when she has left a comment on my blog, she really has a gift with doing that!
By the way, I´ve given You an Award today in my blogg! Check it out!

Anonymous said...

... OMG! Dear much loved Debbie, you raise me higher than than I can ever possibly reach! I am just a 'wanna be', a Celtic french lady with more daring-do than the hot air on my balloon can sustain me. Bless you, dear heart, you've been my greatest encouragement and motivator and cheer-leader.
I love and treasure you more as a daughter than a daughter-in-law.
Anyone who truly knows you and reads your writings recognizes your sweet spirituality and honest sincerity.
Provable, without a doubt, you are a fine and exciting talent and natural advocator of all those with the potential to shine brighter than they perceive that light that emits from themselves.
Thank you for your undeserved flattering words ... I don't sit comfortably in the front row though not from humility but from reality.
... Much love and appreciation ...AliceMary

Anonymous said...

This must be the day for awards I got one and am in return giving some you will get it shortly and you gave Alice one even OBAMA is gettin one aint that great! Ya gotta love blogging............

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