Monday, February 21, 2011

Hooked On That…..


   Do you have any shows that you can’t live without that are on tv?? The two that I absolutely have to see, both have the same first name. American Pickers, and American Idol.image American Pickers is a fairly new show on the history channel. It’s on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m./8:00 p.m. central.   The first time I watched it I knew I was hooked!! I am a yard sale junkie and I can’t pass up a good sale. These two guys…Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, are best friends who have been looking for deals their whole life. What a lot of us call treasure hunting, they call picking. Both from Iowa originally, they travel all over the country trying to find that perfect “pick”. Here’s a link to their show….  American Pickers  and they also sell on Ebay!! They spend a lot of time in Tennessee and I think I have told you in the past that my brother lives there. Well….my brother was at a party a few months ago and ran into Mike Wolfe. He sent me this photo….clip_image001It’s my brother, his wife, and Mike. Pretty cool. I guess he’s a really nice guy in person. You never know what you are going to see on that show. They find some really unusual old things. If you haven’t watched it yet….you are truly missing something pretty cool.

   My other addiction is American Idol. You’d have to be living under a rock to have not seen that show advertised. For years it was Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell who hosted the show. This year is the first year without Paula and without Simon. They were replaced by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. I could not even imagine those two in this role but I am pleasingly surprised. They add a special touch to this years show. Great show so far. Even if I miss an episode, my husband has found a way to download it….YaY!! He rocks!! So far it’s been a lot of fun watching the show.

   Those are my two faves but we also like watching Criminal Minds….NCIS (the old one not the new one)….Pawn Stars on history channel… don’t misread that…It’s Pawn NOT Porn!! Ha ha.. We like most of the shows on the history channel as a matter of fact…..but our favorites are Ax Men….Ice Road Truckers….Swamp People….and one of my husband’s favorites is Top Gun. Ever seen any of these?

   I want to thank Dawn’s mom for writing in my last post and letting us all know she is ok. We miss her and please continue to pray for her. Sounds like she’s doing ok but really, really, tired. There are some beautiful people out there in blogland!! Big hugs and kisses to you all!! I was so touched by what some people wrote in my last post. It warmed my heart. I really didn’t think anyone cared whether I posted or not! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy you guys!! Thanks….

   Obie is doing well. He has not had another seizure since I last wrote. obiedeck He’s a pretty happy boy most of the time….especially since he’s getting more food!! He loves to eat!! Oh ya….he’s a happy little guy….even if it’s just a little bit of dry dog food….to him that’s a treat!! Ok… back soon…..what do you all watch on television? Oh I forgot to mention that we got Netflix last year and we have been watching some really great movies. It’s so easy to just bring one up from the computer to the tv and there it is…..all you need is the popcorn! It’s just like being at the movies!!image Only much more private…..sitting back in our recliners….with our night clothes and slippers on….a soda pop….bowl of  popcorn and a cozy blanket. What more could you ask for? AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhSmile


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Alive And Kicking……

image   This is really what I feel like leaving on my blog!! I am so sorry I have not been by to visit you all and have not been blogging. Once I got away from it, my life just got so busy! Let me just tell you what I have been up to……….And it’s NOT that exciting!

1. Removing a lot of snow.

2. Being lazy and off and on the diet.

3. NOT lost any weight on the (four letter word!)

4. Trying to do some genealogical studies.

5. Researching my aunt’s murder from 1930.

6. Crocheting a scarf posted by one of the bloggers I follow.

7. Painting an old brown, gold stenciled, rocking chair I’ve had from the 80’s sage green and?? It’s a work in progress.

8. Trying to get ahold of Dawn, from C & G design??? Has ANYONE TALKED WITH HER??????? I am worried.Sad smile

9. Checking out seed catalogs and scheming.

10. Finally sick of the snow and wishing for spring.


On a sad note, Obie had a couple of seizures we think. The vet claims they are just low sugar/glucose drops that LOOK like a seizure? We changed his food routine up slightly and keep a close eye on him and he is doing much better. He’s a tough little russell! Another sad note…..our kitchen floor that we spent LOTS of money on and labor and so on, is probably going to have to be ripped up!! That’s right…ripped up! It’s agonizing to even ponder the notion of doing this. The grout is lifting and breaking in some areas. We are told it may be something underneath. If there was any give in the plywood under the bucky board, that would possibly cause it. We won’t do anything until spring though at this point. It’s very discouraging. We try not to think about it much.


Happy belated Valentines to you all. I sat down at this computer yesterday and there was a big, beautiful, red screen saver on the desktop with hearts and a beautiful vase of roses and a message…..Happy Valentines Day….To My Wonderful Wife….With All My Love….Bobby. Wasn’t that sweet!! It was very professionally done….he made the whole thing himself! Smile with tongue out

Just wanted to let you all know I was still alive and well. I’ll be by to visit you all this weekend…….XOXOXOXOXO……debbie4

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