Monday, February 21, 2011

Hooked On That…..


   Do you have any shows that you can’t live without that are on tv?? The two that I absolutely have to see, both have the same first name. American Pickers, and American Idol.image American Pickers is a fairly new show on the history channel. It’s on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m./8:00 p.m. central.   The first time I watched it I knew I was hooked!! I am a yard sale junkie and I can’t pass up a good sale. These two guys…Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, are best friends who have been looking for deals their whole life. What a lot of us call treasure hunting, they call picking. Both from Iowa originally, they travel all over the country trying to find that perfect “pick”. Here’s a link to their show….  American Pickers  and they also sell on Ebay!! They spend a lot of time in Tennessee and I think I have told you in the past that my brother lives there. Well….my brother was at a party a few months ago and ran into Mike Wolfe. He sent me this photo….clip_image001It’s my brother, his wife, and Mike. Pretty cool. I guess he’s a really nice guy in person. You never know what you are going to see on that show. They find some really unusual old things. If you haven’t watched it yet….you are truly missing something pretty cool.

   My other addiction is American Idol. You’d have to be living under a rock to have not seen that show advertised. For years it was Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell who hosted the show. This year is the first year without Paula and without Simon. They were replaced by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. I could not even imagine those two in this role but I am pleasingly surprised. They add a special touch to this years show. Great show so far. Even if I miss an episode, my husband has found a way to download it….YaY!! He rocks!! So far it’s been a lot of fun watching the show.

   Those are my two faves but we also like watching Criminal Minds….NCIS (the old one not the new one)….Pawn Stars on history channel… don’t misread that…It’s Pawn NOT Porn!! Ha ha.. We like most of the shows on the history channel as a matter of fact…..but our favorites are Ax Men….Ice Road Truckers….Swamp People….and one of my husband’s favorites is Top Gun. Ever seen any of these?

   I want to thank Dawn’s mom for writing in my last post and letting us all know she is ok. We miss her and please continue to pray for her. Sounds like she’s doing ok but really, really, tired. There are some beautiful people out there in blogland!! Big hugs and kisses to you all!! I was so touched by what some people wrote in my last post. It warmed my heart. I really didn’t think anyone cared whether I posted or not! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy you guys!! Thanks….

   Obie is doing well. He has not had another seizure since I last wrote. obiedeck He’s a pretty happy boy most of the time….especially since he’s getting more food!! He loves to eat!! Oh ya….he’s a happy little guy….even if it’s just a little bit of dry dog food….to him that’s a treat!! Ok… back soon…..what do you all watch on television? Oh I forgot to mention that we got Netflix last year and we have been watching some really great movies. It’s so easy to just bring one up from the computer to the tv and there it is…..all you need is the popcorn! It’s just like being at the movies!!image Only much more private…..sitting back in our recliners….with our night clothes and slippers on….a soda pop….bowl of  popcorn and a cozy blanket. What more could you ask for? AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhSmile



Lola said...

Did a comment on your last post. Check there. It finally cleared up so I could let ya know here.

Jean Merriman said...

Thanks Debbie. She is still okay. I went to chemo with her last week. She is not sick but the chemo really knocks her out..She is half way thru the chemo. Even with all the delays so the end is in sight. Since things are going good now I hope the last half will not take as long as the first half.

See Debbie? We did all miss ya. I also have been missing Kathleen.

Hi Lola!!

Eva Gallant said...

I watched a whole season of Ice Road Truckers and thought it was Amazing! One of my new favorites is Harry's Law on NBC Mondays at 10:00 p.m.

Kathleen said...

I love Netflix! It is my very favorite thing. The Pickers I can take or leave. American Idol I used to watch, but I got sick of the most talented person never winning at the end. HI Jean, I am still around. Give my love to Dawn. So happy that Obie is doing well...he is just so cute. Soon we will all be out of this Maine winter hermit thing. Spring is not far away....and we will once again be able to enjoy the great outdoors!
Love & Hugs, Kathleen

Claudia said...

We were into Idol for a few seasons, but haven't watched it for a couple of years. But, Pickers - now that's another story. We love, love American Pickers. I was so disappointed when it wasn't on last night! We never miss an episode. Wouldn't it be fun to go on one of their freestylin' adventures with them?


Lola said...

Hi Jean, So glad Dawn is ok.
Hope all is going great for you Debbie.

Elenka said...

Doesn't get any better than that...except for summer in Maine!
I can dream, can't I?
We had netflix for a while, but now just use Redbox, we don't watch that many movies.
Just saw Winter's Bones (up for an Academy award), very good movie but a bit depressing because of real life poverty situations, and we saw the Social Network...worth watching, also up for an Oscar.
At the movies, saw the Fighter (excellent), True Grit (also very good, I thought I wouldn't like it, but I did) and the very excellent King's Speech.
Let's pray the snow on Friday misses us. Kevin Mannix said it might....then again, it might not.

Debbie said...

Lola...Got it! Thanks so much. Now why is it that you and Jean don't have blogs???? You MUST get them so I can come and visit each of YOU! Thanks Lola for coming by's a real treat!
Eva...We like Ice Road Truckers too. I think it's really something that there is a young woman trucker amongst all those men!! Harry's Law...I know what it is but haven't seen it. I think we are watching something else??
Kathleen...I think Netflix is the most brilliant thing. Just order up a movie. You know what I think is funny...we get emails if we rate the movie only one or two stars asking us if there was a problem with the viewing I think it is? Do you get that? You must. You don't like the pickers?? Awe! The idol...I get yah...but it's the audience that is choosing the winner at the end. What gets me is the way the hosts pick em in the beginning. This year it feels like they are playing favorites...I hate that!! One gets a break and another doesn't. I see Steven Tyler doing a lot of that. He kind of creeps me out the way he looks at some of those 16 year old girls!! Yuck.
Claudia...Oh yes!! I was all geared up to watch it Monday and it wasn't on!! I hate that!! I would LOVE to go on a freestyle with them. They are opening a shop in Nashville I guess. Love those guys...and Danielle too!! Guess I will have to go to their website to find out the airing of the shows. How's that singer/songwriter actor husband doing??? Hope you are both well. Thanks for popping in!
Elenka...Never heard of Redbox...I must look that one up. Ahhh...I am also ready for spring too. Usually I am fine with winter but for some reason this year is different for me. I think we are all sick of it. Hey thanks for dropping those movie titles. I wrote them all down and will check out each one. I saw True Grit and also liked it. It's amazing how many movies we watch that suck though. Now we only go with 3 star movies. I hate being held hostage for 2 hours just to get to a terrible ending...don't you!!

Lola said...

Hi Debbie, we have Redbox all over down here. Young'un use to go at midnight to get new ones. I liked the Road Truckers too. That woman driver doesn't take anything. Good for her.
Elenka, just saw ad on Redbox for Winter's Bones but for some reason I don't remember seeing it but we already have it. Young'un said it came out a long time ago. Do either of you know when?

Gary said...

Lola...Well I had to Google it just to find out what it was. Are the movies really a dollar? And who is Young'un?

Debbie said...

Lola....Sorry about that! That was me above sending a message to you! Yikes! We are selling marbles for a friend and that's his!

Jean Merriman said...

Debbie, do you know what is up with Kathleen's blog? It says it has been removed. Started yesterday. You can email me at

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