Saturday, March 12, 2011


It finally happened! Spring is just about here. One more week before it’s official on the calendars but I can feel it in the air today.

One of the signs of spring in Maine is the Portland Flower show. Portland Flower Show I didn’t make it this year but I saw photos of it and I thought I would

share some with you. Look at this wonderful Wood Sliced Walkway….image. What a great idea not only for

recycling wood stumps, but it looks very cool. Here is best in show…..image and Kitchen Door Garden….

image Wow….if that doesn’t make you think spring! Before long we will be seeing some of these…image along

the rivers and streams. Fiddleheads are a Maine delicacy. They taste like a cross between asparagus and broccoli. My kids used to really enjoy hunting

the streams for them. Yup…..spring is coming….finally…..we will all be enjoying that breath of fresh air and seeing sights like this….image

and this….image and image and image and this image……….

We still have very high snow banks in the yard but for the first time in quite a while, I can see my picnic table in the back yard. It’s been buried all winter!

That’s a good sign! It’s been a long winter and I think we are all probably ready to be outside… open our windows and air the house out…

sit on the deck and drink in the air. It’s a new year….with new dreams….new gardens….new people to meet….new projects to begin outside….I guess a sense of

renewal for us all. I look forward to this spring with vigor! Come on Spring…….I’m ready for you!!

Tonight….we set out clocks ahead. We get an extra hour of daylight and that in itself is pretty thrilling. Happy Spring to you all. I just wanted to say a couple quick

things about 2 very special bloggers that have not been around here lately….like me!! Kathleen of Rural Maine has closed her blog but can be found on Facebook!

I will miss her but will keep in touch with her via emails. Dawn of C & G Design is still hanging in there. Her treatments continue so our prayers need to as well. She is

a very brave girl who needs all of our positive thoughts each day. I am hoping she makes it back to blogging very soon. She is in retreat mode and with all our well wishes

and God’s grace will be alright. God love her.

Happy Spring wherever you are!!!……….Hugs and Kisses to you all!!!!……debbie22


Eva Gallant said...

Happy spring to you too! It was 50 degrees in the shade here at 11:00 am.

Claudia said...

Happy Spring, Debbie! I am so eager to get outdoors and clean up the yard and garden!


Nancy said...

Debbie, I think about Dawn often. Do send her my best wishes.

Lili said...

So much fun to find yet another Maine blogger! I found you through Elenka over at Downeast Doing Stuff. It's a nice feeling to finally emerge from the other side of Winter (I hope!). Happy Spring anticipation! ~Lili

Jean Merriman said...

Hi Debbie,

Instead of emailing you I will comment here so others can read it if interested.

Dawn is doing great. She is still on chemo, with having had 8 treatments, with only 4 more to go.
She sounds and says she feels herself once again and she has not said that since pre finding the cancer and all the surgeries and all the set backs she had to endure. Things are looking up for sure!!!

Lola said...

Yes, Happy Spring to you Debbie. Thank you so much for the update. We continue to pray & check her blog. We read many blogs but don't always comment.
It's warm here. So tired, trying to keep up with all that is going on. I have a lot of veggies coming up. Flowers are doing great also. Still have some that I need to get into the ground. Also there are several more veggies that I intend to plant.

Debbie said...

Thanks everyone for popping in and for the update on Dawn too Jean! Sorry I have not been around...very busy with many things. Will post soon about them....hugs to you all!

Elenka said...

Friday morning and I'm looking at more snow stuck to the trees from last night. Enough already.
I DO see daffodils up at some houses....but not mine.
I still have tons of snow!

Elenka said...

Hope your husband is feeling better! What a bummer to be sick on his birthday. Happy Birthday nevertheless!!
100 % Slovak

Gary said...

Elenka.. I knew there was something extremely cool and different about you! Have you any family recipes you've shared in the blog?

Debbie said...

Elenka...that was me above! I am selling for someone on Ebay and darned if our identities keep getting mixed up! Argggg!!

Anonymous said...
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