Sunday, April 17, 2011



Hello everyone! Sorry I have not been blogging for quite some time!

We have been quite busy. I thought I would update a bit on what

is going on. First, an update on Obie…..and at the moment I am


kind of irritated with our little boy! He kept us up half the night last night!

We had a terrible rain and wind storm and that makes him very anxious. We

barely got any sleep. He paces and whines and pees….well leaks! Up and out

we took him and mopped and sopped. I’m tired and guess who has had their

breakfast, gone outside again, had their insulin and is now napping?

obiebed1That’s right! Him!…not me! Arggg! Oh well…..

at least he is healthy in every other way. He turns 11 in a few days. That’s pretty

good. Ok…another update is our kitchen floor.DSC04979

The last post I made about it

mentioned that our tiles were coming up. What a nightmare this has been. I can’t

even tell you how sick this has made us. The tiles are lifting now even more and

the grout is crumbling. One day I said to my husband…”Call Lowe’s”. He looked at

me funny and said “Why would we call Lowe’s? They are not going to do anything.”

Well, that turned out to be not true, and that phone call was our saving grace.

Turns out, the person at Lowe’s who originally walked us through all the “stuff” we needed

to make this project happen, gave us the wrong bonding agent for the tiles!! He

gave us the type that needs an additive and never told us. We now believe he

didn’t even know. It was a kid that started working at Lowe’s not too long before that,

stayed there for

one month and moved on. After talking with the manufacturer of the Mega bond,

they put the blame back on Lowes. Next, Lowe’s asked us to come to the store and pick out a floor.

That’s all they would say….so we went and looked at floors. What does this mean?

After a bit of a dance with the manager, Lowe’s is paying for our kitchen floor to be

torn out, and completely replaced by one of their professional crews. Can you believe it?!!!

We are thrilled that it is being replaced without cost to us, but not happy about being

under construction once again. We will have to probably get a motel for a couple of nights and

find a place for the animals. Ok….guess who is awake and wants to go back outside!! You guessed it!

My little Jack Russell!! I’ll be back soon to write more. Hope you are all well. Has anyone talked to Dawn?



Claudia said...

Well, good for Lowes! You never know. I had a tussle with them over a washing machine, but they eventually came through. I'm so sorry about all the inconvenience - but soon your floor will be in and all will be well.

Your doggie looks so cute all cuddled up with a blanket! That little scamp!


Eva Gallant said...

That is awesome. A pain, but at least it will be done over at no cost!

Bob said...

Claudia...Glad you were able to work that out with the washer...they seem to want to help in any way they can. Who knew! Oh yes...Obie loves to cuddle under a blanket...little devil!
Eva...You've got it girl!!

Debbie said...

Ok so I am not that great with signing in on my own password lately!! Sorry about that Claudia and Eva! My husband really did NOT leave a comment for ya'll!

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! I've missed you! Oh, that little Obie! What a little stinker, but he sure is cute and I'm glad his health has improved. Chloe Dawn is also afraid of storms and even scary sounds coming from the TV! She's tries to crawl up my nose! :)
Well, I'm so glad to hear Lowes is going to fix your floor! That's wonderful.
Hope you're feeling good and it's so nice fo hear from you.
Be a swetie,
Shelia ;9

Lola said...

Glad you are back. Poor dogie. I know another that is scared of storms. Needs Prozac to stay calm.
So happy for you to get your floor done right even tho it's gonna be inconvenient.
Haven't heard from Dawn. Hope she's doing good.

Elenka said...

What a nightmare. I would have been sick to my stomach. You are so lucky that Lowe's has stepped up to the plate. Good luck with it all. Good Grief.

Debbie said...

Sheila:...I have missed you too my friend! I just was not able to get on your site with Mozilla. My husband switched us recently to Internet Explorer 9...that's what the IE9 meant on my comment! I will be back to see you soon! Lola:...Well I am going to have to call Dawn. Hope you are alright? Oh yes...those dogs hate loud noises don't they? Construction will be a good reason to get Obie out of here! Elenka:...We were SHOCKED that Lowe's did that! We are so lucky I can't even tell you. My husband was especially sick about all that money down the drain. Thanks for coming by!

Jean Merriman said...

It is awesome that it will not cost you for a floor replacement but that does not beging to cover the hassle of it all. Good to see another post from you, now if we could get Dawn and Kathleen back!

Dawn is doing great Next Wednesday she will have another chemo treatment and then in 2 weeks after that she will have her last chemo!! For 6 months we were not sure she would ever get to her last treatment but for the last month and a half things have been very smooth and routine and that is what we have been waiting for.

Debbie said...

Jean:...Oh I am soooo glad Dawn is doing better and finally getting through this horrible ordeal!! I have been praying for her. I just did not want to call and bother her if she was sick. Thank God...she's getting to the end. Thank you so much for posting that!!

R. J. said...

I'm impressed that Lowe's was so supportive. I like a business that responds to customers. I really get my nose out of joint when they act like they did you a favor by taking your money and giving you the shaft.

Lola said...

Missing your posts.

Jean Merriman said...

Me too.

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