Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bio Identical

   Hello to all of you fellow bloggers and even though I am having trouble banging out these words to form one day of blogging, I do read all of yours and appreciate that you do write. I am in a bit of a slump and have been for a couple of weeks now. Some things are changing for me internally and that affects my external life too. God is trying to get my attention in a big way. There are some internal happenings that I need to step back and look at. What is it? After wondering, if it is as simple as a growth spurt, or lack of sleep, or diet, or whatever I can conjure up, I truly believe it may be hormonal now. All the signs are there, after speaking with a couple of my sister friends. The confusion, the memory loss, the sleep depravation, the lack of concentration, the crazy thoughts and the mild depression all point to signs of hormonal difficulty. So, my next step is to look into that and see what my options are. There is a new treatment out there that is apparently being pushed on Oprah called Bio Identical Hormone. I will be looking into that. Everyone you talk to has an opinion about this and one about that. Try eating soy products! Take black Kohosh! Take only natural supplements….eat less….drink more water…on and on!  It can get confusing. My doctor will help sort that all out and I will find what is best for me. That is one of the reasons it has been a little hard to blog lately. My motivation is down some. I am starting to bounce back though and this is a good discipline for me! I have always believed that routine in ones life is a good thing. It is a comfort. This blog has become one of those daily familiarities that I really have come to enjoy so I will not give it up even if I do not have much to say!

   Today is Saturday and a day of cleaning and cooking and laundry and then just kicking back maybe with a movie later on. I am cooking a spiral ham! This is my absolute favorite meat! Next would be turkey I guess. We usually only have it on holidays, but they have a sale on them right now and I could not resist! The smell of that wafting through the house will be wonderful while I am doing chores. No pictures yet of the big snow banks outside my house. I still plan on getting out there….maybe after my slump.:( Thanks for all you faithful bloggers for writing and Alice Mary for starting her new blog!! I love it!! Now we just need to hear from her when she is ready. Take your time Alice….it will be a treat when it happens. I thought I would drop in a photo of a blanket sunflower from my garden this last year….see you tomorrow everyone.:)



The cottage by the Cranelake said...

It´s always hard when ever hormons don´t work as they should, whatever the reason. I hope that Your doctor can help You quickley!

I love turkey, but it´s quite expensive over here. And to buy a whole turkey only for me is a bit extravagant :-) Would have to eat it for a whole year I think :-) :-)
Take it easy and enjoy the day now!

Anonymous said...

What a dear lady, you are!
i read your blog and beleive that you have the key in your hand to your problem that your doctor can unlock a solution for. Male or female, the doctor has to have a familiarization w/this stressful undergoing and experience w/it. I've met some female physicians w/the ink still damp on their certificates that are quite not over the finish-line yet.
You're going to be beyond this get nightmare as soon as proper treatment commences.
You are such a natural caretaker and people-pleaser that scant energy of that caring gets directed to you! And, you're on the go all the time and when at home, answering the phone w/few wind-down times for yourself. It's been either a very cold or snowy winter - Days are short and drab. Damn right this can spin one right out of balance never mind the effects of hormonal fluctuation included in what's in your invironment and personal space.
"Ring-a-ling and ding-a-ling ... It's time for feeling better"
From your mother-in-law who loves you.

Anonymous said...

DR Bean after careful consideration of your problem has the feeling that you may be suffering from the Martian malady a little known ailment quite similar to hormone im balance extreamatory disconfigureation situation. A sure fire cure for this is a good laugh and perhaps some bed rest and aspirin. However you might want a second opinion. Above all keep bloggin it's good for you.

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