Thursday, January 15, 2009

Acu-Torture Did It!


We are in the deep freeze today. It is supposed to be extremely cold over the next few days. I worry about the elderly and animals. Not so much the wild ones, because they seem to adapt, but the domestic ones. Sometimes folks can be cruel and leave their animals outside. I hope all are safe and cozy inside their homes.

With this cold snap we are having, it brings a lot of good things with it. It means that the ice will finally freeze completely on a lot of the surrounding lakes. That means skating and snowmobiling and ice fishing for a lot of the townspeople and kids around here. In Maine we know how to bundle up in layers to be able to handle the cold. We have L.L. Bean to teach us how!!

Yes, I missed another blog yesterday! I was being tortured by a neurologist! I have been experiencing some numbness, weakness and pain in both my arms and hands. My physician suggested I get an EMG…which is an Electromyogram and that is what I had. It measures the muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. After having me move my arms and hands around in different positions, he hooked me up to many electrodes and began testing me by turning on the machine and an electrical current would go from that site to the end of my fingers. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then inserted a needle that looked like an acupuncture needle into my skin and the electrical jolts began once again! It was not comfortable at all. Some were not bad and some were quite strong and left bruising.  I am going to attempt to drop in a youtube video on this test right here. Don’t kid yourself…the girl that, who’s smiling in the picture is NOT being given the test!! She wouldn’t be smiling….that’s for sure!

Oh my gosh! It worked! Well….at least I can see it! So……after all that Chinese torture, I now know that I do NOT have carpal tunnel or fibromyalgia or arthritis (the last two were guesses by him)… it is still a mystery. Thanks to all you faithful bloggers out there! Love your blogs and photos. Time for me to head off the plains and get some work done. See you hopefully back here tomorrow in blog world. It would appear that (Just One Space) has been revamping his blog and writing in it too…..really cool new additions so check it out. Enjoy your day everyone……it is a gift from God! :)


Anonymous said...

What a shocking experience you went through glad it wern't me. But now your all charged up and back to blogging so all is good. Hope your ailments get found out and eliminated through the doctor visits and treatments.

Anonymous said...

I understand now what you went through, Debbie and how uncomfortable you were. Thank goodness that all is well though the mystery of your misery has not been solved.
You did well and this not the end of the matter as there's an answer somewhere ...
Blessings - Love, the Grape Lady

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I´ve done the same thing twice with my right arm. It´s not possible to smile when they do something like that to You!! I screamed high when they did it to me :-) The second time I did it there were medstudents that had a lot of fun watching me :-)

Don´t stay out to long if it´s so cold outside and have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Very fancy placing a youtube in your blog! I learn from your experimentations... Keep ‘em coming. D.V.

Anonymous said...


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