Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Bandit

Here in Maine, we have a mysterious person in the big city that has been anonymously tagging giant valentine hearts all over the city for more than thirty years. Supposedly, no one seems to know who has done this, all these years and when you ask folks to comment on it….they all seem to love it! They put the heart stamped sheets of paper on the front of the museum and many other buildings throughout the city. The city has nicknamed this anonymous cupid “The Valentine Bandit”….and he/she struck again yesterday. Here’s a video clip from the local channel….

Valentine Bandit

Not a very long story but that is the jest of it. Here is what they said in the local paper about the bandit last year.

A long-standing Valentine’s Day tradition continued in Portland on Thursday, despite the snow and ice left behind by Wednesday’s winter storm….The “Valentine’s Day Bandit” made his or her way through a wintry mess overnight, leaving behind the crafty, romantic message.

After nearly 30 years, no one knows the identity of the Valentine’s Day Bandit.

I think it is kind of neat that we have a love bandit in our city. I wonder if it is going to be like “Deep Throat” who was the confidant who helped bring President Nixon down? Will we have to wait until our own deep throat (Valentines Bandit) dies before we find out who she or he is? I think there are people out there that already know but just don’t say. I’d like to know. Of course I have never been good at keeping a secret so maybe not!

Ok Margaret and Alice….I am back blogging again….and just where the heck are the two of you??? Hmmmm???? Ahem! Come on girls……:)heathercatface1


Anonymous said...

Well, here I am, dear heart! Loved your story about the St. Valentine Bandit and the News clip - It was an'uplift'.
Where's my blog? Still being edited - It's called "14 Hands Around, Matey".

Have a good day ... GeeGee

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

What a nice bandit :-) Nothing like that here. The only tradition they have here is to burn down the straw goat in Gävle every year. It´s a huge goat they put up in the center of the city before Christmas and every year we´re all waiting for someone to burn it down.

Anonymous said...

I think the valentine bandit is someone with a printer and lots of paper. when I went to the doctor I told her I been bloggin every day just like she said.She cracked up and said I told you jogging not blogging.Hmm no wonder I only lost one pound.But I think a lot of stuff!

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