Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sauce And Faucets

Today is a cloudy day but fairly warm. There is a storm that missed us to our south and is heading east. If it would have come here, it was said that we would have gotten another foot! We don’t need that!

I got up early today and made a spaghetti sauce that has been simmering for hours. It has fresh sautéed vegetables in it….lots of garlic (of course! my husband and I love garlic), pork ribs, sweet sausage, hamburger and …..that’s enough! It smells so good. We have to leave the house early today for work so dinner will be early too. The spaghetti is done and the salads are made so we are ready to roll….or rather eat then roll….unlike rock and roll which we could do while eating and driving but we probably won’t!

While the sauce is simmering, we got a phone call from our plow man and he is here now. I met him today for the first time. Usually my husband talks to him about plowing. Today, he is here on another job….as a Plummer….that’s what he does when he is not plowing I guess. He is in the kitchen talking to my husband and has just taken out our old 25 year old kitchen faucets and will be putting in our new lovely chrome set! If we keep this up, our house will not look so old any more! I am hold up in the living room with Obie so he does not lick him to death once again! I think I did this when the stove guys were here recently! My little hideout….me and Obie. Oops….someone else just pulled into the driveway to pick up a computer my husband fixed. It’s a busy place here today.:) We had to clean out everything that was under the sink in about 10 minutes before the plummer/plow man came! Thank goodness I had it somewhat organized in containers. There were a lot of things in there though that I had been looking for! “Oh….that’s where that ended up!” I have been looking for some jute string for some time and never thought to look there!

Enjoy your day everyone! See you tomorrow…..still waiting for AliceMary to blog but I am a patient woman!:)


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I think it would take days to clean out under my sink :-) :-) Took a look there yesterday and closed the doors quickley :-)

That sounded lika a tasty spaghetti sauce :-)
I´m looking forward to the day AliceMary starts her blog and the one who waits for something good, never wats too long.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha I made spaghetti sauce too and my sink is good for at least 20 years.Does Bob always send you to your room when someone comes?:>)
Beware the coming of Alicemary she is still arranging her layout.Soon the Grand entrance.OK Iwill change the font just for you.

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