Tuesday, February 24, 2009


   We got hit with a huge storm and it ended up dumping 14 inches of snow in my little town and beyond! This is by far the biggest one I have seen in years. This latest storm brought some very heavy, sticky snow. It attached itself to the sides of trees and homes and anything else it could stick too. It was the most beautiful site! I tried to let Obie out the door to do his business and the door would not open. I pushed real hard and he managed to squeeze through. He burrowed a path through the snow, which was well over his head, and made it down the stairs off the deck while holding his head up! We headed out early and Bobbie got some great photos of the storm. I will add them in at the end. Poor Woody and Alice have been without power for over 30 hours now and we pray they get it back today. There are over 140,000 people in the state without power. The snow was so heavy, it took out many power lines and transformers. We were lucky as our power only threatened to go off a couple of times. The shoveling was back breaking and we are running out of places to put this white stuff! But….I am telling you still….it is so beautiful….even though it can be a big pain in the butt! Say a quick prayer that Woody and Alice get their power back today!! We are melting some already….thank God! In some areas up north and in the mountains, they got 2 feet or more. Crazy isn’t it? On the back side of our road, there was a line down on the road and a tree partially down. People were going around it…..so we did too. The town, did not plow that section, but if you have four wheel drive….what the heck?….it’s an adventure! Another one coming by this weekend they say. I think we need a bail out plan from the government for snow removal! Enjoy your day….

DSC03966 DSC03967

DSC03968 DSC03969 DSC03970 DSC03972 DSC03973 DSC03974 DSC03971 DSC03976 DSC03975 DSC03977 DSC03978 DSC03979

That’s a lot of snow….but it was magical to see.:)


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! But it isn´t fun when the power breaks down. I´ve been worried for Woody and AliceMary because there´s no blog from either of them. I really hope they will get their power back soon! Hope they can heat up their home some way so they don´t freeze. I´m glad that You still have Your power still!

Anonymous said...

Just got power when you left what a relife thanks for the visit and all. You got some good photos too very nice I have a bunch to post also now that we have power.

Anonymous said...

... Have we got power, or what! Happy days! We have lights and the computers! and the micro-wave when too preoccupied to cook a meal and we can flush! Yes! Copy that!
Love your pictures! And, thank you and Bob for bringing us your battery-operated TV and extra batteries and candy and instant coffee and so many other goodies! And ... just as you were driving down our road, there is CMP (Central Maine Power) removing the tree off our line and, just like that, we had our lights back!
Thank you, my loves, for being here ... GeeGee

margaret.islandparadise said...

Everyone sure got their share of the white stuff. Glad you didn't loose your power and we were lucky also. Your pictures are great. Keep up the good work. Been busy again today making lacy iris plants. We were glad to see that Woody & Alice have power once again. Talk to you soon,Island Paradise.

Kathleen said...

Hi Debbie, I am so glad you stopped by my blog and said "HI". Oh yes, I understand about all that snow. We got about 22 inches here in Millinocket. We don't know where to put it! Your cat Baby, is very handsome. I will show his pic to Mr Ming. And I love Obie. What a little cutie. I love your blog, noticed you have a photo of art by Van Gogh. Is her one of your favorite artist? I am adding you to my list, we Mainers need to be in touch! Hugs, Kathleen

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