Monday, February 2, 2009

It’s A Good Day…..

We got up early yesterday and were down on the waterfront having coffee with friends by 10:00 a.m. That was nice. I am an early bird most days and really enjoy that part of the day. My husband is on a different internal clock than me. He’s kind of a night hawk, but when we both get up and head out early in the day I really enjoy that. We came home and both participated in making a wonderful ham casserole with the leftover spiral  ham we had the day before. It had sautéed broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red pepper, onion, carrots and lots of garlic in it. The rest of the ham was cut up and added along with lots of minced fresh garlic. Mixed with cooked noodles and a garlic white sauce and topped with crushed herbed croutons, it went into our new oven. The result was so tasty! My husband enjoyed it so much, he had seconds! We will have some more of that tonight with a fresh salad.

Today was another early day and we headed out about the same time. We came back and I have been focusing on getting those little things I always seem to put off done. A birthday card written to a friend in Florida, a thank you card to another friend, going through old mail and sorting and throwing out some….those quiet little chores that need some attention. I always feel better when I get that done. Those are the things that nag at me in the back of my mind and are a constant reminder of my procrastinating nature. Not today! They’re done!

The temperature was at least in the forties and maybe even fifties today! I never checked officially, but that is how it felt and there was a lot of melting going on. It seems that every other house we come across as we are driving, has raked or are in the process of raking the snow and ice off their roofs. My girlfriend who lives in a neighboring town, told me, that the fire department called her with a friendly reminder for folks to clean snow and ice off their roofs. You cannot purchase a roof rake in our town or hers right now. They are all sold out! Under that snow on many a roof, is ice, and that can cause leaks in the roof. We have never had a leak but my friend has three. So, she and her husband hired a two man team to rake snow and chip ice off their roof yesterday……no more leaks! Our bit of ice we have on our overhang melted a lot today but we still have snow on the roof. I think we should be alright. The roof is only 3 years old. We had it replaced after 20 plus years! Everything in this house is getting old…..just like us!:) I guess I have written enough and I will end with another photo from my garden of 2008. Talk to you all tomorrow!:)


This is part of my harvest in the fall of spaghetti squash and green tomatoes before the frost!


Anonymous said...

That's nice casserole sounds good I am making spaghetti tomorrow.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

AliceMary tolde me to tell You that You must show Your wonderful flowers some time.
I´ve never tried spaghetti squash, is it good? I´ve tried a lot of different american squashes though, usually they are terriffic.

What do You do with the green tomatoes? My favourit movie is Fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe and I have always wondered how I shoul do when fying them. Do You have a recipes for that?

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