Monday, February 16, 2009

It’s A Maine Thing…..

Today has been a very laid back day for my husband and I. It is presidents day and thanks to all the presidents that have ever served our country, we get a day off in their name! I must say that my favorite president was Ronald Reagan. He always had a way of making one feel proud and honored to be an American. Of course he was an actor too.:(….Hmmmmm….maybe that was why he came across so well? Oh well…I did like him…none the less. Happy presidents day to all our guys that are still with us and the ones that have passed on. We learned from them all and they certainly all contributed something significant to our country…..some more than others.

I was googling around earlier and found an interesting site about our state of Maine. It is called It’s A Maine Thing. It has a lot to offer, from blogs to events to news to recipes and more. It was too much to take all in, so I have added it to my favorites, and I will check back in to learn more. Here is a link in case you might like to see it….It's A Maine Thing.

It would appear that we are getting another storm this week. It is supposed to come in on Wednesday and go through Thursday with possibly several inches of snow. They are also talking about Sunday being snowy too. So….winter is not over with us yet. We have had a LOT of melting here though and that has been great. Large chunks of ice have just been falling off roofs in some areas. Spring is in the air but it will have a set back this week…..



Anonymous said...

Great write up and glad you enjoyed your day
Love ya'

Island Paradise

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

We wont get spring here until late March early April but some birds has started their spring singing now :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece of writing! And I agree w/you about former President Ronald Reagan's presence - He did portray what one expects the leader of a great country should look like. He didn't have to bark to know that he could bite and he showed sincere compassion ... He wasn't that great an actor but could read line very well.
Good reading, Debbie!
Oh, yes ... I love your annimation insert! Hugs/AliceMary

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