Friday, February 6, 2009

The Natives Are Restless….

   Nearly a night goes by in the winter time without one or both of our dear animals getting restless during the night. Obie, our Jack Russell Terrier, decides he would like to go out in the middle of the night a lot. He always barks loudly and consistently to be let out. One night last week, apparently we were both very tired when this happened. I faintly remember “dreaming” that he was barking to go out and continued in a deep sleep. I arose in the morning to a huge puddle near the door which is very unusual, then I realized I wasn’t dreaming and we both slept through his alerting us he needed to go out. How can you be upset at a dog for this? Well….you can’t. I just cleaned it up and made a mental note to let him out more before bed. He is 8 years old and that may account for his bladder urgencies. He’s a good boy. Now our cat Baby, has not given in yet to the long winter wait to get outside and hunt at night! She is part Siamese and she has that wah wah wah cry that they all have and it goes on and on during the night sometimes! She climbs up on the bed sometimes 4 and 5 times after crying like that for several minutes. First my side of the bed….then Bob’s…..then mine….and so on. She settles in and sleeps for short spurts and then the cycle starts again. I don’t get much sleep when she does this. On a night when they are both restless, it’s crazy!! When the weather is warm once again, she will be out all night and then I will be up looking for her and worrying if a Fischer got her or if she got into a skunk or if she is just hunting. She has two or three other cat friends that she roams with in the neighborhood.  Actually, I wouldn’t call them friends because she is so guarded around them. She sits on our property and stares and they sit on theirs and stare back. On the occasion that they all might be in the same proximity, she snarls at them like she is protecting her turf! If she does not go out for some reason, they come here and flank our deck looking for her. They walk along the deck rail trying to look into the windows. The next thing you hear is Baby hissing and you see her jumping at the picture window! It scares the be Jesus out of you! It’s all very weird because if she is not around, these cats are very friendly and they let me pat them. Obie wants to be their friend too! They won’t have any part of that though! Obie wants to be everyone’s friend!:) Well…..after 2 cups of coffee, I am finally waking up from the Wah Wah Wah and the Ruff Ruff Ruff of the night.:) You can’t get upset with them because they are just too darned cute! Look at the two of them nestled in together next to our monitor heater….obiebaby Isn’t that cute?:)

My best friend and mother in law AliceMary (GeeGee) has finally arrived in the blog world!!! Welcome GeeGee!! She is a fantastic writer and artist with many, many, talents and I look forward to all of her blogs and photos and whatever she comes up with which will always be a special treat!! I am so excited. Funny how this all happened isn’t it? My husband Bob, suggested to Alice and Woody they start a blog. Woody was the first to do it. Then Bob followed and then me and now Alice. Now, the one who suggested it to us all never writes in his!!! He has so much to offer and never gets around to writing in it….he’s busy. I think we should all start writing in his blog and asking him why!!?? Ha ha….at least I am going to! Here is a link to his blog:  Come on One Space….join forces with the rest of us!! Blog on…….

paleyellow&redsplash Some more of my sunflowers from last years garden…..can’t wait to start planning my 2009 garden on paper.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

No one can´t be angry at an accident like that, especially when he did call to You. My biggest dog Orvar doesn´t say anything. He leans against the door until I notices him. If that happens durimg the night... a puddle is to nice to describe it as. A little lake is more like it :-)

I had a half siamese once. He talked constantly :-)All the cats in the neighbourhood is enemies exept up on the farm next door. There they are all friends for some reason. The owners of the farm wants them there because they take all rats and mices so they don´t have to use poison.
Good blog today!

Anonymous said...

Once more you scored a coup with the latest poop on the dogs and cats You are getting to be a regular bloggin bean.

Anonymous said...

Hi ... Now that was wonderful reading - Interesting (I think not many folks don't (or haven't ever had)pets) behavorial observation that can be appreciated. Also humerous - I laughed out loud. Your inserts were pleasing to view! Obie and Baby are so loveable! Your dinning room is so neat and pretty which pinch my into starting my spring cleaning now though I have mt newly crochet doilies and table pieces all ready for use. Well, my loved one, it's a start.
Good writing ... AliceMary

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