Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Storm Is Upon Us

   There’s another big one coming into Maine. They are saying it could be a foot. Last time they said that, we got several inches. Maine is one of the hardest states to predict a storm. I understand that has to do with where we are situated. Either way, we are definitely getting some more snow. At this writing, I can see my front lawn…it is brown but it’s the lawn! It’s tricky trying to get the plow guy to do a good job of snow removal without digging up the lawn or the muddy driveway this time of year. We have had an awful lot of melting. According to the news, we have another storm following that one this Sunday. So…I guess winter is still upon us.

   I just got done reading GeeGee’s wonderful story of her Uncle Nap. What a fabulous story! She is truly a gifted writer who should have some of these stories published! Great job GeeGee!!! There are so many talented folks out there and isn’t it nice to have a format like this where they can share their talents with the rest of us?

   I wrote about the Valentine Bandit recently who strikes Portland every year anonymously. No….I didn’t find out the true identity of the bandit!….but…my cousin, who lives on an island here in Maine and has the blog name Island Paradise, tells me that the bandit also strikes on her island every Valentines too!! Can you believe that? The bandit is taking the ferry over to the island to leave heart stamped flyers everywhere! I was floored about that one! That made me wonder?…..could there be more than one bandit? Are there a band of bandits? Inquiring minds want to know!

   We watched another episode of 24 the other night and it is just as exciting this year as it was a couple of years ago! I love that show! It is very fast moving and has a surprise around every corner. So many twists and turns you cannot possibly keep up. Try and miss one show and you feel like you haven’t watched it in weeks! Am I right Alice? Copy that!

   Time to sign off and see you all tomorrow when we will be shoveling once again! Roger that!





Anonymous said...

yep 24 gets 100% from me it is a great show.And Geegee is a great writer as well as a great oldbean. And that winter thing looks like it will be a while before you pick any blueberrys down there.Well just bindle up and blog along sooner or later it will be spring.

Anonymous said...

note the rapid response to your blog just remember them goodoldbeans are watching ya!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

We´ve got some snow here also today, at the moment an inch I think.
GeeGee really writes fantastic and she has the gift of writing interesting.
Hope You don´t get to much snow now!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo, my dearest friend! You write such a cool blog! Each one has a built-in smile and uplift ... The heart bandit? Quite a prolific personality with a growing number of clones spreading happy hearts ... I love these 'making-us-feel-good' good guys and dolls! Copy that? Oh, yeah, you gotta copy that!
... GeeGee ...

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