Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Visit Last Fall…..


Last fall, when my garden was at it’s peak, I called my girlfriend Jo-Jo and asked her to come by. She has 3 adorable children. I thoroughly enjoy watching these kids walk through my pumpkin patch and choose their own pumpkins for Halloween. Usually I have a basket full of veggies and sunflowers for them to take home. Here are some pictures of these yummy, full of life kids, and their beautiful mom…..

mayagabeandjacob2 All you have to do is tell them you are taking a picture and they pose!

mayagabeandjacob1 Aren’t they adorable?jacobmayagabe the child standing is Gabe, the baby. He is so animated.

jacobgabe Big brother Jacob can make some pretty strange faces too.

mayagabejacobandjo Maya has her hands full being the only girl and big sister in the family! There’s mom….my friend Jo-Jo….they had a fun day. They took home some corn, beets, strange looking carrots and gourds, purple beans and cucumbers, spaghetti and butternut squash and pumpkins. I am looking forward to seeing them at the end of the summer once again. Jo is an awesome mom. She makes all of their Halloween costumes every year. She sews individual blankets for these cherubs too. Each child is treated like a king or queen on their birthday. She makes all of their absolute favorite foods on that day….no matter WHAT it is. When she can, she has a special day for each individual child. She takes one child out shopping, out to dinner and maybe to a movie or museum. It makes them feel important and individual. I dedicate today’s blog to my friend Jo-Jo……One of the most awesome mom’s I know! Oh and I almost forgot….she is a police liaison….which means she works for the police department as a counselor. Not just ANY counselor though. She wears a bullet proof vest and goes into dangerous places to talk to troubled people. She talks people down off bridges, she goes out on suicide calls, and deals with the homeless, just to name a few of her sometimes dangerous jobs. She does all that, and still finds the time to be the most engaging mom I know. Way to go JO~JO!!

pink-flowers-6 pink-flowers-1


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! It takes a pretty sturdy person to have police liason for a career! Go Jo Jo!

Anonymous said...

Yes, bravo, JoJo! And cheers for you, Debbie, for bringing this 5 star mother, professional life-saver and helper to our attention. It is good to meet these special people who for the most part, move quietly and un-noticed in our world ... These unsung heros are blessed examples of reason and compassion in action! Bravo!
Much love ... GeeGee

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Yay, JoJo! Great pics.

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