Monday, June 8, 2009

The 6….Plus……6……Plus…….6


   I’ve been tagged by Mona from Wsprsweetly Of Cottages to play the triple 6 game. I am not sure if she meant to go to my blog files or my photo files. I am hoping it is my photo files because there are no pictures on my 6th blog entry!

   This is what you are supposed to do:

1) Go to your photo files...Select the 6th photo folder
2)Select the 6th photo in that folder
3)Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge 6 blog friends to do the same!

   Within the last year or so, my husband has acquired most all of the family photos from his mom and dad and brother Joe. We now have many files of photos that I haven’t even looked over completely. I went to my sixth photo file and selected my sixth photo in that file and here it is:


   This is my mother in law when she was younger, with all six of her boys surrounding her. They are sitting on a lovely sun porch that was attached to the home they lived in at the time. I am not sure which one my husband is but I think he is one of the two behind her to the left or right. She had midnight black, long hair and looked a lot like like Elizabeth Taylor. People said that to her. I can’t even imagine raising six kids…especially boys!! She enjoyed them thoroughly. She was a great mom and loved doing things with them like crafts and taking them fishing. She had her hands full as you can see….well….the photo is a little dark so maybe not….but you get the idea! Each boy had his own wonderful personality and I am sure that she helped to foster that. I asked her about this picture and what was going on that particular day. Here is what she said:

The story behind it is short and sweet, we had just returned from visiting my mother and my stepfather and though some of the boys were ready to go to Sabbath Day Lake, New Gloucester, Me., I and little Joe were not ready but it didn't take long for a change of clothes as Woody was anxious to go trout fishing a short distance away from the beach area. We had taken baby food, bottle of milk, sodas, Italian sandwiches, chips and cookies and a zillion towels and extra diapers. At this time, we were living on Gray Road, Falmouth, Me.

At end of an especially hot and muggy day, after Woody arrived home from work, he'd quickly change into shorts and short sleeved shirt and it would take but minutes to reach the lake and energy-restoring coolness. Weekends we would visit beaches and lakes with parks that offered cooking grills and picnic tables. All of these places were wonderful family areas .

   She sent this to me in an email and in classic style, she dropped in photos of the area they visited that day. The lake is by Shaker Village, which is the last active Shaker community here in Maine. They make many things and actually have a store there where their wares can be purchased. Here’s a photo that she dropped in.image001 (2) Here’s a picture of the lake they were going to that she also provided in the email. What a beautiful lake and it is only minutes from my home and hers today!image004 (3) So that’s my 6-6-6 and I guess at this point I am supposed to challenge 6 more people to do this too. Here are my 6……

1. C & G Designs

2. Geegee'sgraffiti

3.Rural Maine Life

4. Words Of Wisdom From A Smart Mouth Broad

5. Downeast Doing Stuff

6. Moms Fortress Of Solitude


                       Okay ladies……get busy!



Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, I haven't looked in my pictures but I will, I'm just so excited because I know where this is! How cool.
Your ann and andy went out this morning, you should have it tomorrow. (I hope my tape holds, it should)

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, what fun! Love looking at olden photos especially with stories!
Aw, I appreciate all your kinds words to me!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It isn't always easy to reach that far back and bring up memories..but when you do they are usually crystal clear and can be a joy to relive. I see your mother in law has done that very well. Good for her!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

P.S. Debbie... :) You did it perfectly! I am in the same boat you are with pictures...and who cares...You did good!
~smiles and love~

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Great pics. I love those old photos. I really need to scan them into my computer.

Thanks for the tag. I'll get right on it.

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

Thanks for tagging me, Debbie. Boy, was that ever a trip down memory lane, but a good one, indeed!

I just posted mine here: Tag . . . You're it! Tag of Six

Every time I visit your blog, I miss Maine more and more. I can't believe we were so close in distance at one time!

Yarmouth, Falmouth, Bath, and Portland, Maine are cities we visited frequently while living in Brunswick. I miss it all so much!

I guess I'll live vicariously through you, though . . . at least until we retire anyway. ;o)

Hey how 'bout sending us some lobster and blueberries next time you're heading to the P.O.? lol



Yolanda said...

I just found your blog and love it. I will be back . I live about an hour from the other Portland on the west coast.

Kathleen said...

Hi Debbie....My Mom & Dad used to live in Mechanic Falls. I was living in Saco at the time. Everytime we went up to visit them, we drove by that Shaker Village, and by the lake too. I love your photo, and the story. All my photos are of my merchandise for sale..and people probably see enough of that. Thank you anyway. How's Obie doing? Be sure to show off Ann & Andy when they arrive. Hugs, my friend, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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