Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Terrible Tragedy Has Happened….


   There was a terrible accident two nights ago in a nearby town. I had just let Obie outside and standing in the doorway, I could hear the sirens blaring down the road. It sounded like a long line of rescue and police going by. I wondered what was happening and where was this occurrence? I said a silent prayer and went about my business. I watched the news that night. It mentioned some teens were in a car accident nearby. The driver seemed to sail through the intersection and was hit by a commuter causing a terrible crash. The commuter, as well as two boys in the other car, were taken to the hospital, some in critical condition. There was a third boy in the car, and he was killed on scene. They were not releasing any information, regarding him, until his parents were notified. My thoughts were of the families of these boys and I hoped and prayed they could get through this tragedy regarding the boy that was killed and that the ones taken to hospital would recover fully. What a terrible ordeal to go through.

   Then I got the phone call. It was innocent enough. I have a new friend whose name is Debbie as well. She was calling to chat. She is fairly new to the area and has twin 15 1/2 year olds. One was home sick and the other had just been let out of school early. The realization of this accident had caused a good deal of the students at school to be quite upset. The name of the boy who was killed had been released. Teens were crying all over the school and the principle made the decision to let them all go home so that they could deal with their grief. Then she mentioned the deceased boys name…..Josh. “Excuse me….what was that name again?”…I said. “My kids tell me his name is Josh”…she said. When I heard the last name I almost dropped the phone. It was my friend Ann’s son and he was 16 years old. I thought I must have heard it wrong. I got off the phone and called my cousin in that nearby town. There it was again….Josh…..and this was the second confirmation. I called my friend’s house and her mother’s cell phone…no answer. I called many other friends and found out nothing more. Then, while on the phone with a friend, my husband hollers to me from the other room…. “Debbie….it’s on the news!” There it was, on the noon news, a makeshift grave that his buddies from school had made at the scene and it definitely was Josh. Now I truly believed it and I burst into tears.

   I tried his mom’s once more and then gave up, thinking I would find out more today. Last night, at around 10:00, the phone rang, it was her. I cannot tell you how hard it is to talk to a mother who feels as though someone just tore her heart out, and stomped all over it. We sobbed together on the phone. When I was done talking to her, she talked with my husband for a while. It was so heartbreaking…..I can’t even begin to tell you the whole story behind it…..she loved that boy so much. The first thing she said to me was “Oh Debbie…I just wish he knew how much I loved him.”  “He did Ann…..he did.” We will all be there for her and her family as much as we can. He was 16 years old and he was a handsome and friendly and active student….just getting started in life. He just got his license a few months ago and he was NOT driving when this occurred. It’s a terrible tragedy but I know he is in God’s hands now and he is looking down on his mom and his sister and the rest of his family and friends. She’ll never get over this but she will hopefully get through it, with the help of friends and family. She has a daughter in her early twenties that will be right beside her. I know you don’t know these people but you may know someone like them. Please say a little prayer for Josh and for Ann even if you don’t know them. I haven’t heard any more yet about the other boys in the hospital. They are in my prayers. I dedicate this blog posting to my friend Ann and to her loving boy Joshua. May he rest in peace.

Live in the present moment and find your interest and
    happiness in the things of today.
                                                                            - Emmett Fox

          You never know what is going to happen in life.



Anonymous said...

A touching tale and one that all too many times happens at this time of year.May your friend fine solace in your careing and concern.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! I'm bawling! I can remember going to school and having this or something like this happening, such a tragedy to the young. So senseless (as with any accident) that it makes everyone saddened. I hope your friend, and the family, my best wishes and a speedy recovery for the others also.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Such sad news, prayers will help, I will send mine:)

cathleen said...

So, so sorry, Debbie. What a sad day for you and your friend. I will send up a few prayers.

Gaston Studio said...

Such a tragedy; sending prayers for your friend and her family.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Please tell her many people are thinking of her and praying for her.
I had never met Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams personally, but we had emailed and had just spoken on the phone that day and had a wonderful time getting to know one another. I couldn't sleep the following night and it was early in the morning when I was doing my blog visiting and saw the letter a family friend had posted for her saying her son had been killed. Like you, I just sobbed! I couldn't believe it..and it is still hard to believe.
This woman is someone you know personally and I know how shocked and upset you must have been. I am so very sorry for your friend. There is nothing worse than losing a child. Losing Patrick nearly killed me..still does and then losing my second husband after only five years..but to lose your child!
She has a wonderful, supportive friend in you, Debbie. That..will get her through this. You and other friends and family that love her.
My heart goes out to her!

Kathleen said...

Debbie, Mona could not say it any better. It is a terrible, terrible thing. Your friend and her family will be in my prayers, and I will offer my mass on Sunday for them. Hugs, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

+++ Dear Best Friend, Debbie +++ I've never known a pain more searing and agonizing than the pain from losing a child. Hell is no greater torment! This woman; this mother probably will never know how many of us are grieving w/her +++
And, praying for her and her deeply effected family.
Her son continues to live in spiritual form - a soul, a pure light in God's Heaven, an everlasting energy in our Holy Father's love and care +++
I've prayed every night for this family +++ Prayers that have braided w/so many, many others to form a perfect reach to this brillient light somewhere in infinity, not so far away +++ No greater love has God.

You wrote w/deep compassion, Debbie and with unblemished honesty that came from a heart that beat in cadence w/your friend and her family. Your blog mirror imaged hearts in step to the cemetery w/the Libby family - No one alone by themselves +++
I am so proud of your words, Debbie.
Much love - GeeGee

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