Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trying To Get Back Here…..


   Every time I sit down to start a post in my blog lately, the phone rings or I forget I have to be somewhere or my cat baby is meowing or Obie wants my attention! I can barely get to my garden to check on those weeds! It has been raining here for days. Everyone is complaining about it. It’s great for the garden but also good for those darned weeds….which are multiplying as I write. I have some weird gold/yellow/green bugs that are dining on my green bean leaves. Last year they piggy backed all over them and I hand picked them off. I don’t have time lately so I may have to re-seed the beans. It really ticks me off when bugs invade my garden. That’s the price of planting an organic garden I guess. I will have to research this some more.

   All is well over here on Blueberry plains. We had a great Fathers Day get together here. Woody and Alice were here (my father and mother in law) and Joe (my brother in law) and my kids, Kyle and Carissa. There were also many dogs! Kyle brought his dog Katie….Carissa brought her dog Piper….Joe brought his dog Jecoda, and of course Obie loved every minute of it! He thought the whole thing was about him! My cat Baby hid upstairs the whole time….sneaking down about a half hour after everyone left…..very carefully…and lurking around the corners, just in case!

   We had a nice meal of homemade chicken fingers, a pot of yellow eye beans, pasta salad, and for dessert we had a brownie pizza. That was a little rich and you really had to have a long sweet tooth to enjoy that one! We all had fun. The boys mostly did computer stuff in the living room and us girls chatted in the dining room and laughed and laughed. We had a ball.

   I had a surprise for my father in law that I had been working on for about 3 weeks. I was not able to blog about it because he reads my blog! His blog is called Good Old Beans. He loves birds and creatures of the wild and outside he and Alice’s home, he created a bird feeding station. He affectionately calls it GOODOLDBEANFEEDINGSTATION. So….I made him a sign that said just that for Fathers day. Here is a picture of it from his blog. Would you believe I forgot to take pictures that day!

 image This is a picture of it once he took it home. It is made from a piece of baseboard floor molding. It was many colors as I could not choose which was best. After many layers of paint, it ended up red, white and blue. I noticed there was a flat area in the center on one side…perfect for stenciling the letters! I tried to draw a rooster and a couple of birds….Hey…I’m not an artist….I tried! On the other side, I painted a checkerboard pattern…part of it is red and white and the other blue and white. I think he was happy with it because if you go to his blog, you will see that he hung it up on his feeding station! Pretty cool. Well…..it is time for me to take Obie for his glucose level check. We are hoping this is the last time for a while. He’s lost weight but we are not sure how much? I am real curious about that. He no longer looks like a sausage shaped Beagle….he’s looking more cut and healthy and Russell Terrier like. That little bit of weight loss makes a big difference on a small dog. I will check in with you all as soon as I get more that 5 minutes in my very busy life lately. It’s been a little crazy!!! Until then…..have a great week!



Kathleen said...

Debbie, I just love the sign you made your father-in-law. You crafty girl! So happy to hear Obie is doing well. I have been scarce...the rain has really got me down. I am trying to pull myself up and dry off, so to speak. Glad I stopped by, have a great evening, my friend, Kathleen

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, Yes, I've seen your pincushions but I noticed the babbles more! They are all so beautiful! Great sign and sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend. I'm glad Obie is doing better, mine is too, tomorrow may be his last visit, fingers crossed!
My garden is hanging in there, I also noticed a few beans eaten but it seems to of stopped. A spray bottle with a mixture of garlic and soap my do the trick for your bugs. I didn't have mushrooms on the growing list but they are there! //*_*\\

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Now weren't you a sweetie making the cute little sign for your father-in-law!
Glad little Obie is doing good! We love our little fuzzy faces! Thanks for popping in to see me!
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

I see you covered the event and all the bases . may the sugar level be good for Obie and all your weeds grow slow. Who is that picture at the end of your blog? Me Joe and Bob?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Life does get in the way, doesn't it. I love your gift to your FIL! You're so creative. Don't stress out over your blog. We do what we can.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day at your home was A+. The food - top-notch. Your special dessert could of been from Café de la Paix, Paris. Well, it tasted as if it was created 'Le bon France' ...
It was a grand day for all but I think that you and the kids and I had the greatest fun of all!
Bravo, Debbie ... Love, MIL GeeGee

Debbie said...

Kathleen: Thanks so much! That's a lot coming from a crafter like you!
Sheila: So sweet of you to ask about our Obie...he is much better now.
Woody:...Yes that is you and Joe and Bob...or at least how I see the three of you!
SMB...I appreciate you saying that...I DO get stressed aobut blogging or stopping by peoples blogs late!
GeeGee....Awe...you are so sweet...just like that syrupy sweet dessert! We had such a great time didn't we?!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Debbie..Your bird feeder sign is great! I am sure Woody was pleased! Everyone loves things made by someone they love! It sounds like you had a wonderful Fathers Day! So did we!
I'm glad Obie is doing so well. I imagine you are very relieved...
Have a wonderful week... :)

Gaston Studio said...

Great sign and the fact that you made it yourself, with your little hands means to world, I'm sure, to your FIL.

Left something for you over at my place. Hope you can pick it up soon.

Elenka said...

Hey, Debbie... It's Saturday and the sun was out most of the afternoon!! I'm SURE you have noticed THAT !! yippeee !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope Obie is doing ok, you will get on right track with him soon, it just takes some fine tuning! Great sign you made! :)

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