Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Honest Scrap


   Our good friend Jane Gaston at Gaston Studio has bestowed this award upon me! This is my second award since being in blog land and I am honored. Jane is a great writer, whose unbelievable stories from real life, will keep you driven to come back for more .She’s like a drug….you can’t get enough of her. You cannot  just read one paragraph and move on, it pulls you in like a great novel. When you go to her post, you’d better have a little time on your hands and a good hot cup of coffee and a comfy chair, because you are in for the long haul. Thanks Jane! Coming from you, this is pretty outstanding! Now…about the award:

   The award is bestowed upon a blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver's opinion, brilliant. It particularly highlights those bloggers who consistently post from the heart, put their hearts on display, or write from the depths of their souls.

    I am following Jane’s lead here by listing bloggers I believe do the same.  There are so many great blogs out there….as a matter of fact they are all fantastic. Some people don’t care for the award thing and that’s ok. As long as everyone KNOWS I love you and your fabulous blogs, were good…..right?…..Yes….that means YOU!….YOU know who you are! Ok…..drum roll please………….Thank you……………Here we go:

1.  C & G Design   …..This is a warm and friendly woman named Dawn who ALWAYS writes from the heart. She is a kind and loving mom who shares stories about her kids and their adventures as well. I have come to love this blog, her writings, and her amazing crafts! I hope to someday meet her!

2. DowneastDoingStuff ……. Elenka, is a  down to earth fellow Mainer who is an incredible artist and blogger as well. She definitely writes from the depth of her soul.

3. Note Songs …..Oh my….Sheila! Talk about a sweet person, that is full of life and speaks to us all with a song in her heart….literally! Each post comes with a song she has posted along with her writings….hence the name of her blog! A great lady!

4. Rural Maine Life ….. Kathleen is also from Maine….hmm,,,is there some kind of theme happening here?…oh well…She’s a wonderful Maine gal who really knows how to get those auction deals and share them with the rest of us. She also makes some beautiful crafty stuff.

5. Smart Mouth Broad …..And Last but certainly NOT least is our girl Smart Mouth Broad….I just like saying the full name. If I ever had her for dinner, I would have to print that name on a card and put it next to her plate! Love it! You’ll get a real big kick in the (arse) reading this girl’s blog. She’s a scream and always from the heart with a little tongue in cheek thrown in for good measure.


  Ok….that’s my list and I am sticking to it. Thanks Jane for the award and the chance to highlight a few of our bloggers.  As long as we all remember that it is NOT about being awarded that counts, it is about being decent and kind, tolerant and understanding of one another that is important.  I don’t know many bloggers….just a hand full and that’s alright with me. Keep it simple is my motto. I can barely get to most of you now, but when I do, I am happy to be there. Hey….while I have your undivided attention….what do you all think of a once a week blog where we all submit one recipe we can all copy and use. Like for instance….one week would be a particular type of salad or ??…whatever? I am looking for a good potato salad recipe right now. I’ve never found one I liked. So….tell me what you think? Maybe some of you already do this? Thanks again Jane….glad to have you back!



Gaston Studio said...

Goodness Debbie, what a shoutout! Thanks so much for that and for your wonderful words:
"As long as we all remember that it is NOT about being awarded that counts, it is about being decent and kind, tolerant and understanding of one another that is important."

This really says it all and one of the reasons I selected you.


Anonymous said...

Great! This will be labeled one of Geegee's favorite Debbie blogs! You always see the best in peoople and see their assets in fullness! These talented and special women that you've showcased is how you are seen and appreciated!
Now, I can't 'award' each and every one of you but I can mention you in prayer for extra blessings ...
Much love, dear heart ... GeeGee

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for the award! and the kind words, I'm racking my brain as to who to give it to. I have plenty of blogs i think are deserving but they mail me and tell me they don't have anyone to pass it on to! *sigh*
I'm still working on my hubby, he's bending!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Congrats, Debbie. Much deserved I must say. And you are too sweet to pass it on to me too. I hope to get to it tonite but it will depend on some co-op from the we will see.

Congratulations again!

Kathleen said...

HI Debbie....thank you for this award. I humbly accept. What I love about bloggers is that we are so supportive, so giving, so "there" for other bloggers. I am very attached to some of my blogger friends. I will be passing this on to at least one person. I love the idea of a recipe swap. Would we all try to do one a week, or will one blogger do it one week, and another the next? I am interested. Hugs, Kathleen

Elenka said...

Aww, thanks for your lovely comment about my blog!!
I would be interested in a recipe swap, too!!

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