Monday, June 1, 2009

It’s A New Day And A New Month…..

   What a beautiful day here in Maine. It feels a bit like fall, but after three days of solid rain, I’ll take it! We got a chance to get into the big city yesterday. It was my son Kyle’s 25th birthday. I can hardly believe that little bugger came out of me that many years ago! He had to work so we went to see him there and gave him his gift. Later on when he got out of work, his sister took him out to celebrate. The latest news is Kyle’s girlfriend Sarah is now living down here too. She came last Wednesday for a visit from Bangor and is now living here with friends, four blocks from Kyle! It will be much easier for the two of them to save enough money to get an apartment now.

   Obie is at the vet today for 8 hours, I just dropped him off. They will be checking his glucose levels four times during the 8 hours. This will tell us where he is at. I am doing much better with the syringes and injecting them! We have a regular routine now….thank God! Bobbie holds him and pinches the skin (making a tent as they say) and I inject. Up until a week ago, I absolutely HATED needles and so did he. I am getting quite used to them now. Go figure! Hey…if it will save Obie’s life, I can get used to it. No more peeing on the floor either! That’s a bonus! So…our little guy is doing fine. :):)

   Saturday, I planted my entire garden with all new vegetables, since the frost got my other ones. It took me a while (I’m getting old) but I got er done. It looks good. I am thinking of creating a scarecrow for the garden if I can find the time. Not just any old scarecrow….I want it to be a woman. I was thinking she could either look like an old floozy or a Madame…..I’m leaning towards floozy. She could have a big floppy hat and big hoop earrings and a tight dress with a crazy bag to match. I am just not sure how I will create her. I have a friend that has mannequins all through her yard….all dressed up seasonally. She’s an artist. Maybe she’ll let me borrow a mannequin…we’ll see. 

   I started this post this morning. Obie is back and his glucose levels were low. He was on 3 milliliters twice daily. That has increased to 4 ml. twice a day now and then a recheck in 7 to 10 days. All is well otherwise. He has lost 2 pounds which he needed to anyway. He went in weighing 19 pounds and now is at 16.6. He was very happy to visit with everyone at the vet but glad to be home again. He’s snoozing away on the couch next to me as I type this post. It’s been quite an experience. If your dog or cat starts to drink a lot more water than normal and is frequently urinating, you may want to get them checked. Who knew it would be diabetes? I sure didn’t, but life goes on here, on Blueberry Plains.


dawn said...

Hi Debbie, I'm glad about Obie, we had news about our beloved dog 4 days ago, I posted today about it, but I'm happy to report "major shrinkage" going on. How many times can you say "major shrinkage" and have it be good news. Heck, most of the time I see it, it's with my nice wool sweaters!
Any how, I was smiling about your scarecrow, I HAVE a woman with big ole glasses, skirt and a floppy flowered hat. I made her in the normal frame (a cross) Glued the fabric for her head/body, except instaed of stuffing with straw I stuffed with hannaford plactic shopping bags, she has lasted, raffia for the hands. I hope you post on what ever 'scary crow' you come up with.

Kathleen said...

Hi Debbie, you can not imagine how happy I am for you and Obie! Glad to hear things have improved. I gasped when I read Obie weighs 16.6 see my Mr Ming weighs 14 pounds. But then he is a well nourished boy. Good to hear you have your garden all planted, now to reap the rewards. If you get your scarecrow made, be sure to show us. You could even have a scarecrow party, and invite other gardners to show off their 'crows too. Enjoy the weather, hugs my friend, Kathleen

Elenka said...

Hi Debbie....We missed the frost, but it felt wicked cold. BUT something ate our zucchini and butternut seedlings already. So I went to Snells to get more...first time I've ever been there...plants all look very healthy there, and lots of them.
25 years ! Youza! Isn't it great.
My son is a little better, but still has a long road ahead of him. I think the worst is over. So here it is, June in Maine, the best few months coming up. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Debbie ... I, too, am glad that Obie is doing so much better - Have said prayers to St. Assisi and Mother Fitzback for him (and Jecoda and Murphy). A Floosy scarecrow? I love it!
Have a good day ... GeeGee

Debbie said...

Dawn: OMG! Great idea about the plastic bags to stuff her with! I am going to start saving my bags! I pray your tar-tar is well soon! It's hard when they are sick...we love them so much and they are so helpless without us. Thanks Dawn.
Kathleen: That's a riot that Mr. Ming weighs that much! Now I don't feel so brother, who has Obie's brother is always making comments about Obie's weight! Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like Mr. Ming lives a happy and (full) life! Obie misses his treats but he is fine. I'm the one that needs an overhauling!
Elenka: Oh don't you hate that when something eats your beloved plants!! I've been there too. It really ticks me off. I've never heard of Snells? Where is it? Glad your son is doing better. What a relief that is. Yes, June is the beginning of many wonderful months ahead in Maine! Thanks for stopping by Elenka.
GeeGee: I know you love little Obie too and he loves you, even though he covers you with hair every time you are here! Yes..a floozy scarecrow if I can pull it off! Dawn has some great ideas for that I am going to try! See you soon my friend.:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear you are getting used to the needles, and that Obie is doing better. That lighthouse photo is excellent! You probably take those views for granted. The floozy scarecrow sounds great..can't wait to see her. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I can't wait to see your mannequin.. :) It should be fun to dress her up. AND watching your garden grow! Take lots of pictures for us as it grows. I wish I had one this year..but it isn't going to happen.

I have tagged you to play a little game. I just posted the instructions on my new post...I hope you had fun with it. I did. And...I learned you can store things in files!
HOW about that.

It sounds like you Obie is doing great. I knew he would! He has a GREAT family to take care of him!
My little fluffy girl just got groomed and is as far under my desk chair as she can get. ALSO glad to be home. Our animals ..are so much a part of our lives!!
Hugs...and have a wonderful evening...

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Happy belated birthday to your son!
Oh, I'm so glad to know little Obie is doing better. I know it must be hard having to give him shots!
Thank you so much for all the advice and about your husband and his knowledge! I just took off my blog's dress and I guess I'll keep it nekked for awhile if this will help!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

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nikkicrumpet said...

That's great news about Obie! I love the idea of the floozy scarecrow! I hope you get it figured out...and I sure hope we get to see pictures of her!

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