Friday, July 23, 2010

Wicked Whoopies…….


  My sister in law Amy lives in Nashville. She recently came home for a  visit. Her nickname in Nashville is the Whoopie pie lady. She got this nickname from a singer song writer friend of she and my brothers, that some of you may know. His name is John Hiatt. Amy introduced him to our Maine Whoopie pies. Now, it is a Maine thing for us, but I am sure many people around the country and the world make them and eat them too! I love them. My favorite is the one above….the chocolate chip/yellow cake whoopie…..oh it’s to die for…trust me. When I showed up to spend some time with Amy and her mom, I brought 3 whoopies with me….a peanut butter/chocolate, a vanilla cake with coconut cream filling, and a red velvet. There was one suspiciously missing….the chocolate chip…..not sure what happened to it?? I am amazed at the different flavors that are popping up lately. Here are a few I need to try when I am cheating on my diet….






Red Velvet

Vanilla Bean

Banana Creme

Chocolate Lovers

Classic Mini

NEW! Peanut Butter Whoop-de-Doo

Springtime Special Lemon & Strawberry Minis

NEW! Black Forest

NEW! Orange Creamsicle

NEW! Lip Lick'n Lemon

Chocolate Chip


Oatmeal Cream

Peanut Butter


Raspberry & Cream



Jumbo Wicked Whoopie


   Those are all from Wicked Whoopie. What’s your favorite? Amy was not here this last year when John Hiatt performed in Portland so she sent my little brother with a big bag of Whoopies for John. My brother Steve delivered them before the concert. John apparently made comments about them constantly….in between sets! I guess it was pretty funny.

   Oh my gosh…..I just found out there was a Whoopie pie festival in Maine in June and I missed it! Look at this!…. Whoopie Pie Festival   Oh well….maybe next year!

image                      Here’s one for the fall……



Eva Gallant said...

I love Whoopie pies! Although I'm to lazy to make them. Isamax are the best. I love the chocolate with peanut butter cream filling!
I actually used to bake them when my kids were home, but if I made them now, I'd eat them all, so I'm better off to just buy one once in a while!

Dawn said...

My mother makes a mean whoopie pie, her receipe is one you can freeze (seperately). I have to get it from her, I wonder if she knows about these others!?! Yum!
The BAM! chef said, this week on GMA, "it's the new cupcake."

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen so many different flavored whoopie pies in my life!!! I thought I was in Heaven coming over to your blog today. Now I want one! :)

Anonymous said...

... OMGA! Now I'm in desperate need for one of those Whoopie Pies! No, not just one but a box full of assorted Whoopie pies and cold milk! And ... Raspberry and cream tarts! So full of cream that one bite can create an avalanche! Right now, it's 7:06 pm and I've not had dinner yet. I must eat ... What? No Whoopie pies? Hold on, here! There's no Raspberry tarts, either? You want me to "jump right in" and write with no whoopie pies? No tarts? Are you tripping or suffering from dementia? Sadistic? No Whoopie pies and no tarts; no words. Not one. My lips are sealed except for: Whoopie pie! Raspberry tart. Love, GeeGee

Lola said...

I've never heard of them but they sure look scrumptious. And I'm trying to loose weight.

Anonymous said...

woopie pie is yummie but makes for a big tummie.Good blog...........

Elenka said...

I had no idea there were so many flavors. I remember the first time I had one and thought I was in heaven. Then after a while I learned that you can actually make them yourself, so I looked up a few recipes and then found out that the fillings were mostly Crisco and sugar!!!!!*#&^A% Yikes, that cant' possibly be any good for you. Someone told me that you can mix fluff with the crisco, too. Still no good.
I think, like hot dogs, it's best NOT to know what's in some food. (your doctor wouldn't be happy with you, you know....)

Debbie said...

Eva:...Oh yes...that peanut that's a good one. I used to make them too when my kids were little and I agree...once in a while buying one is safer!
Dawn:...Geez I want that recipe but if I had it (and I know it's a good one) I would make those little gems and I can't do that!
Michelle:...Oh too...I have to be careful...they can be addicting...after all, they are just little cakes and who doesn't want cake???
GeeGee:...OMGA I was laughing so hard when I read this! I forgot about your raspberry tart obsession!! Ha!
Lola:...I'm sorry you had to see those Whoopies while trying to lose weight my friend! Arggg!!
Woody:...Now did you have to go and spoil it by reminding us of that!?? That was actually really funny Woody...a good rhyme! (Sp?)
Elenka:...Thanks for the reality check...and I am really serious when I say this. To remember what the awful ingredients are in these and to also remember what my doctor wants for me...well what I want for important. Thank you. I will still have a whoopie once in a great while but not as often as I was intending I think!! Arggg!!

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