Saturday, July 17, 2010


   For some reason I thought my garden would not grow well this year because I did not have the usual 6 yards of manure brought in. I was WRONG! As many of you know, we are experiencing an unusually hot and humid July here in Maine. Not a lot of rain but plenty of sunshine and heat. I opted this year to not get manure tilled in to save money. Gardens can get expensive and money was tight. My garden is all organic….no chemicals are used. I hand pick bugs off the plants and use solutions like vinegar and water or garlic and water. I put little bits of deodorant soap on my tomato cages to ward off deer but that’s it. The weeds were getting away from me a while back and I made a big effort to stay out there until I got them under raps. They are creeping back but not as bad as they were. The photo below was taken on June 30th.


Here is the garden about 18 days later…..


Giant pumpkin, corn (popcorn), roma tomatoes above.


Slightly to the left of the photo above is butternut squash, gourds, more tomatoes.


The weeds are taking over on the other side of the snow pea fence. Those will be gone today. To the left of that is regular corn.


Looking in from the other side of the corn. More weeds to get to today.


The Roma tomatoes are starting to fruit. You know what is next right? Those ugly tomato horn worms I get every year! That’s why for the first time ever, I scattered my tomato plants throughout the garden to confuse them! Maybe I won’t get them?


The gourds tend to be like 2 year olds….they are all over the place! To try and contain them a bit, I put tomato cages on some when they were small. Here’s one above….you can barely see the cage. This should be an interesting adventure.


Gourds and Sweet Dumpling squash. More weeds! Boy will I be busy today out there in the heat. It is supposed to be 90 degrees today but not as humid. Not as humid huh? Ninety IS humid as far as I am concerned! While taking these photos, Obie and Baby were following me through the garden and were ready to go inside. Baby’s personal space was invaded by Obie and she hissed at him! It’s rare for her to do that but it has happened twice this summer. She’s getting old and it’s been one hell of a hot summer so far. Here’s a picture of her HISSING at him!


           Can you see her hissing? WATCH OUT OBIE!!




Eva Gallant said...

Wow~ Your garden is looking awesome!

Elenka said...

Hi Debbie, our garden is looking the same.....big change from last summer!
By the way, Mr. DEDS (on my blog) stands for Mr. DownEastDoingStuff. (my blog name) ;-)

Dawn said...

Debbie, It's a great year for squash! For sure mine are going nuts! Also I don't weed the corn, brave of you to do that, they get so tall and it doesn't seem to effect them. Baby is cute and gutsy!
PS. Lola doesn't have a blog just a loyal commenter.

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a superb garden! This is one of your best although all your gardens have been robust and productive! I love this year's growth! I admire you so much for your interest and work in your garden and it shows your love and 'green thumbs' ... How you and Bob take on your busnesses and community commitments and calls for help in your volunteerism is beyond me and deserving of a gold medal! Bravo, to you and Bob!
And a gold medal for your garden.
Much love ... GeeGee

Claudia said...

Your pets are so darn cute! I can't believe how quickly your garden has grown! Oh, it looks yummy, yummy. I have a flower garden but no vegetable garden. I should have one - especially since I'm a vegetarian!! I haven't got around to one and of course, I'm nervous about the many, many deer that traipse through our yard.

But you've got me thinking about putting one in next year. I'm organic, too. No insecticides for me.

Have a great weekend!


Claudia said...

Debbie, I forgot to answer your question about the kitchen cabinets. They were already painted that color when we moved in. The island is a slightly different shade. It is a Benjamin Moore color, but I can't remember what the name of it is!! Next time I see the paint can, I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Nice post Deb and pictures mix well in it.Keep up the good work and dont let them weeds get over on you.

Evansmom said...

great looking garden! reminds me of my Dad's garden when I was a kid. :)

Debbie said...

Eva:...Thanks for coming by and I hope you are staying cool??
Elenka:...So that's what I am hearing from everyone about their garden! Oh I felt so stupid regarding DEDS!! Uggg! Of course that's what it means! Will you post any pics of your garden?
Dawn:..Yes...the squash seem to be growing the quickest! Wait til you see what I have done out there now! Where are your garden photos???
GeeGee:...Awwwweeee...thanks my friend!! Your tomatoes and flowers and beans and peppers are looking wonderful!! Stay cool my friend!
Claudia:...Oh thanks my friend! I think you should have a garden...especially since you are a vegetarian!! OMG yes!! You can fence in a small area and there are plenty of organic methods today to warding off pests. Right now I have those copper beetles...what a pain...but they are diminishing. Thanks for the comment regarding your cabinets. I love Benjamin Moore paint. I would love to know the color white please if you can find it? I did realize the island was a slightly different that too. Thanks for popping in!
Woody:...Hi Woody! I am trying to not let the weeds get me down. The heat does not help! I think now that my garden has become ginormous, the weeds are being drowned out some! No sun can reach them!! Thanks for coming by!
Evansmom:...Funny you should say that! My dad taught me how to grow a garden and when he was ill towards the end of his life, he sat in a chair, beside the garden, and I planted it for him.:(

Lola said...

Wow, your garden has jumped in size. Sadly mine didn't do good. So cool here then turned very hot. Not good for gardens. Actually tho, it's been a bit cooler than Maine. NY too. Now in mid 90's.
No, I don't have a blog. Not able, too old, health problems. lol
Due for Arthroscopic Surgery on the 12th of Aug on left knee. Bummer when you can't walk, much that is. So I understand your problem. Hope you get that straightened out soon.

Debbie said...

Loal:...What a very sweet lady you are! You come by all of our blogs and you don't have one yourself? I am so sorry to hear about your knee ailments...I can relate...I have really bad knees too but not as bad as yours by the sound of it! I hate gets in the way of enjoying life. Things are improving though. My new pair of half orthodics seem to be straightening out my feet some. It's painful but a good painful! Thanks for coming by Lola. I think you need a blog!! Please check out my father in law's Good Old Beans! It's on my sidebar!

Lola said...

Hi Debbie,
I've checked out Good Old Beans. It's nice, I like.
I don't always comment but I read.
I can't sit at the puter too long.

Debbie said...

Lola:...Thanks for doing that! I am so glad you come by here too. Wish you did have a blog!

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