Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been A Busy Girl….

We had a great time on the 4th celebrating Alice & Woody’s 58th wedding anniversary! There happened to be an ice cream cake….DSC04796 that was to die for. Joe had prepared all of the fixings for shrimp and chicken fajitas, and I made a rotisserie chicken/vegetable/romaine/ salad. We also snacked on Joe’s homemade salsa and hummus dip and crackers. The hummus was loaded with garlic! No pictures though? I am getting bad at that!

My father in law built a bird feeding station out of PVC some time ago. He calls it the GoodOldBeanFeedingStation. He and my mother in law Alice get so much enjoyment out of watching all the creatures that come to this station. I made him a sign for it just last year. You can see it on this you tube blog entry he made a while back.

His blog is called Good old Beans……find it on my sidebar..… and he has not blogged in a while! I am trying to get him back into it! For their anniversary, I made them a newer and bigger sign to hang on the feeding station. I am in hopes that he shows it through his blog….hint..hint…..but just in case he doesn’t, here is a sideways look at it in a photo I took of the two of them!!DSC04793 You can barely see it to the left of Woody leaning up against the wall. But meanwhile, isn’t that the sweetest photo of them?? Here’s another….DSC04791 and another…DSC04794 …they are so nice and tanned!! They sit outside on the deck quite often having a nice cuppa coffee! If you go far enough back in Woody’s blog, you will see many videos of the creatures that come to the station. Alice also has a blog called GeeGee’s Graffiti….. please check her out too on my sidebar. She stopped writing in March of 2009. I think it is time for her to come back too. She is the one that painted this debbieladies2 for me…..debbieladies3 debbieladies4 debbieladies5 debbiesladies1 in 2008 and I still have not found a frame for it! Shame on me! This was just a frame that didn’t fit I wanted to try. Isn’t the painting beautiful? Aren’t I lucky? She also did a mixed media mural on her living room wall. The mixed media is pencil drawings, oil painting, decoupage, and crochet. I think that’s it. Here is some of it unfinished and I am in hopes she will share the finished product in her blog.mural1 I will just show photos and let her explain what you are seeing.mural2 mural3 mural6 mural15 mural16 mural8 These are just a few. There are many more shots of this and many more wild animals. She just finished the most beautiful deer! It is so cool to see this in person! So….if you would like to see these two creative bloggers come back, go to their blogs and tell them! That’ll do it! I’m hoping to see a lot of comments….ha ha! cosmos1


Debbie said...

Oh my...Woody has already blogged!! It worked!!

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, what talented friends you have and they do look so nice and happy! I'll have to pop in and say hi to them!
Yes!! It's so hot and humid here - just awful! I always think of Maine being on the cooler side! :) What do I know! :) LOL
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lola said...

Hi Debbie,
Hopped over from C&G. Love that bird feeder station.
What a cute couple. The art is something else. Gorgeous.
I live in Fl. NC part.
Will dart in often. Love you blog.

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie! It showed up today, gosh! Sometimes I can't get that comment line/link.
Sweet photo of Gee Gee and the good ole bean. I love Gee Gee's art, she has alot of talent. Nice birdfeeding station.
I weeded alittle today before the showers hit, thank goodness for the rain!

Elenka said...

Thanks for sharing....I love seeing artist's work.
So inspiring.

Debbie said...

Sheila:...Well Maine is usually cooler than Texas that's for sure!! But NOT this year my freind! Thanks for popping to see you always.
Lola: I am honored that you stopped by Lola! I tried to access your blog but couldn't? Do you have one? Thanks for coming by!
Dawn:...I don't know why my blog is doing that??? I know I have been having trouble on other folks blogs too so not sure. Thanks for dropping by!
Elenka:...Wow...that's amazing coming from you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm speechless, my cherished friend and daughter-in-law. I love your art, too, and especially your blogs! And as for your garden - You've always have had a splendid turnout of veggies and flowers in particular, sunflowers! No blogging for me yet as still working in genealogy and when that's under wraps for awhile it'll be back to my novel - oh yeah, that "always on my desktop" project. Love you much ... GeeGee

Anonymous said...

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