Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When I Open My Eyes

   Kathleen, from asked if anyone out there in blogland had anything they like to collect? At one time I had 50 to 60 old powder compacts and I loved them. I ended up having to sell them and now only have one I got from my cousin For a while I collected old hats. I have very few of those left. Over the years I began another collection that I still have, which are vintage purses. Every morning when I wake up and turn to my side, this is what I see….


   I took an old wooden cup holder and painted it antique jade, the color of my trim on the bedroom windows and hung my collection here. The walls are sea foam. It gives me comfort to see these every morning because I enjoy them so! Each one has a bit of a story but I won’t bore you with all the details…………

purse2 This one is probably my favorite and in the best shape and it belonged to my grandmother Eva Mae.purse3 This beautiful sparkling blue one I got in trade for working for an older man on my road. I looked it up on Ebay and vintage purse sites to get an idea of what it was worth and we came to an agreement! I love the clasp on it. purse4 This brown silk and beaded purse is what they called a beggars purse and I absolutely adore it….the feel of it and the look….it’s just so soft and feminine.purse5 This one is not as old as the others but the beading is spectacular as is the mother of pearl top. I got this one at a yard sale for 5.00!! What a deal huh? purse6 These are two that also belonged to my grandmother, the leather one’s a bit worn but I love the art deco and art nouveau clasps. The detail is beautiful. purse7 The mesh metal 1920’s purse is great and the white rose one was given to me by my sister in law and is actually new! Doesn’t it fit in nicely with the rest?purse8 This black beauty is another yard sale find for guess what?….yup….5.00!! I try not to spend more than that for one item at yard sales! I love the art deco rhinestone clasp. purse9 And finally…a lovely black velvet purse with intricate silver beading and an acorn shaped clasp I got on Ebay and the green crocheted beggars purse was purchased there too. I hope someday to add to the collection but I will have to figure out where they are going to go! The cup holder is full! So…you get to see what I see every morning when I wake up. It makes me smile…..:) What do you all collect? Enquiring minds want to know?


Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! I'm glad I've met you too! What sweet compliments you've given me! No, I don't write children's books ~ never thought about it! Nor am I a decorator! Man, I'm blushing,you're making my head swell! :)
Yes, I do have a deep faith and do pray that other people will see Jesus' light in my life!

Now, wipeing the red off my face ~ I love your collections of beautiful vintage bags! I don't think I've ever seen so many in one place! They're really beautiful! Don't you wish they could tell stories?

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

margaret.islandparadise said...

Debbie ,

I never realize you had such a large collection of purses, and each one has a story. Keep it up I bet you will find some good buys on eBay. A lot of people will be selling; things are so tight money is short. I really enjoy blogging; I just don’t seem to fine the time it takes. I do enjoy reading all of them. I think Alice is great, a great writer. Well my friend take care, call when you have time
Love Margaret.

Anonymous said...

... Your purses! They are the best! Everytime I've looked at them I couldn't help but wonder who and what were the ladies that carried them ... And I wonder, too, what did these ladies store in them?

They are beautiful and indeed smile at you whenever you cast them a loving glance or steady look!

You've a grand collection, dearest daughter-in-law.
Much love, GeeGee ...

Gaston Studio said...

What a super collection and I'll bet half the fun is in finding them. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kathleen said...

Debbie..What a collection! This is just fabulous! What gal dosen't love and adore vintage? THe bags are just exquisite. I love the sparkly blue bag, and the 'begger's" bag the best. I use to collect a certain style of asian teapots and cups & saucers. I ended up selling that collection. Collecting is such fun. I sometimes think the hunt is the best part of collecting! Better put your hip boots on with all that mud...hugs girlfriend, Kathleen

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH OH OH!!! I LOVE them! But then you KNEW I would. Just beautiful!! Wow..what a collection! I need to get a hat rack for my hats like that. :) Thanks for the idea. I am off the the Thrift shops to look around for one of those..or at least something like it.
Hugs to you sweet friend!!

Debbie said...

Sheila: Thanks so much...yes I DO wish they could tell stories..especially my grandmothers! She died when I was just 10.
Margaret: I will keep my eyes peeled at yard sales and you let me know of any on the island ok?:)
Alice: You are always so sweet and encouraging and yes!...everytime you see them you do say that "I wonder what they carried in them?" ...that's too funny!
Gaston Studio: Yes! Yes! Yes! The thrill is in theh HUNT!
Kathleen: Ditto what I said above for GS and I am digging out my L.L. Bean boots my friend!
Mona: Yes that would work for a few hats...not many as they would get crowded but jewelry in between would look fabulous! Thanks my friend.:)

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, I followed over here from Kathleens blog, I had to see the beaded purses. I have one mesh metal and I love it! Wonderful collection you have and a shining spot for first thing in the morning.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I think it's very important to surround yourself with things that you love and that give you pleasure. Cool bags. I love vintage everything.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I adore your vintage purse collection. How cute!

On the bird cages, I don't know if they would rust. I think some would depending on what they are made. Glenda at Many Fond Memories has one that she bought that was already rusting as she wanted that look. So far, no rust has shown up on mine. I think the cage is coated or something. But, if it does rust that will be ok with me as I like the weathered look. Good luck on your hunt for your own birdcage. Be sure to send me a picture or blog about it if you find one.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Debbie...I have a bird cage similar to Joanne's and the bottom is very deep and is very heavy plastic. With one like that you would have no rust problems. :)

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