Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Arrives

The last hurrah of winter and the first whisper of spring. March has arrived at last. You truly would not know it here in Maine, but I have to believe it, the calendar says its so………………………………..

DSC03983 DSC03984 DSC03986

My husband gifted me this wonderful Victorian calendar for the holidays….isn’t it sweet? I love how wonderfully clever those Victorians were. The way they decorated was over the top in every way.

I have not posted in a while because I have been quite busy, but I have enjoyed reading so many of your blogs. I am amazed at how many gifted and talented people there are in the blogging world. I look forward to getting to know many of you. The hard part is finding the time to read, comment, and then blog myself. Some days it seems overwhelming. Does anyone else feel that way? I must admit though, it is very satisfying to keep this sometimes daily diary going. As I get more organized, I would like to share some of my collections of “old things” I have found at various haunts throughout Maine. My little treasures I have here and there are precious to me. I notice a lot of you do the same on your blogs and some sell things….that’s pretty neat. The angel sitting next to my calendar is a find of mine. One of her wings are broken but I still love her.

My new addiction lately is changing my blog look. I have seen more blog templates than I care to admit. My husband is teaching me how to Photoshop and suddenly I see flaws in everything! I am thinking it may need a facelift, better lighting, less red eye, more exposure, the color temperature is off, less tint but more saturation. Does the picture need to be cropped or the exposure adjusted? Should I round the corners or leave them square? I guess you get the picture…..or rather idea….maybe you haven’t gotten the picture yet…..because I am so busy trying to “fix” it! Wouldn’t it be great to have a Photoshop for humans? A magical wand that wipes away the wrinkles around the eyes, lightens up those dark circles under them, slenderizes the nose, makes the lips a little fuller, straightens out that neckline, changes the color of the eyes a bit….wouldn’t that be fun? I’d buy it! Oh I am not THAT unhappy with myself but you know what they say….”Old age ain’t for sissies”.

Enjoy your day and thank you all for your blog writings…I thoroughly enjoy reading them and seeing the creativity you have put into them. Of course I cannot gaze too long at them…..Yup….my new addiction kicks in.:):) I will leave here with some photos of my vegetable garden of 2008….

purplebeans Purple beans

carrotlovers1 Deformed rainbow carrots….they really did come out of the ground like this!!…..

carrotlovers2 flyingstub3 Alien Carrots….gourdandcarrotfamily gourds & carrotscarrotlovers3

Makes me want to start planting….


Anonymous said...

OMG! Debbie! I love your new 'redo'- It is brimming w/life and love and creativity! Color and vibrancy! BeanBlogger is still tweaking his new template while I am quite satisfied w/original mine. Speaking of tweaking, I'm impressed w/your progress in learning new techniques!
Oh ...! How about an appropriate dressing for those 'locked in passion' carrots? Hmmm, something from out of Hugh Heffner's bog-garden, are they? Hmmm ...As I recall, I think you had Gourds that I rated as right off the porn pages! What's up w/that? Hmmm, that may not be an appropriate question. I don't know, my dear friend - Might have to light a candle for you!
Love, GeeGee

Anonymous said...

your new blog is alright but it seems you have gone from bluberry plains to pillow land.and what about thos carrotts you said they make you want to start planting are you sure thats what they make you want to do?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I agrre with You that it sometimes is too much with both reading blogs and then writing in ones own. I took a vacation from my sweedish blog, a gardenblog, because there´s nothing happening in my garden now anyway. But it´s fun at the same time :-)

I´m thinking of changing the looks on my blog too, but have not decided how I want it to look. But there should be cranes on it because of the name on my blog.

margaret,islandparadise said...

I Debbie, love the pictures you put in and the pictures of your garden are really something. Your blog looks bright and cheery on this cold and snowy morning. It's really pilling up out here and I hope we don't get the 14 inches that they say is possiable. Well I'm off to my flower making I don't beleive I'll have enough inventory to open my shop if I don't stay at it. I sure wish you lived closer so that you could help, if only to make leaves. Talk soon
Love M&B

Kathleen said...

Hi, my your blog looks very different than when I first came to visit. It is just beautiful, nothing "plain" about it. I love the patterns and colors of your blog banner. And your photos are just great. I love that Victorian calandar. I don't think my husband even knows what Victorian is. Life does get very busy, and I have days when I just can't get done all I want to. The snow is still falling here up north. We have about 5 inches right now. MOre than enough, I'll tell you. Those carrots are quite funky...both in color and shape. Hmmm. So glad to get a chance to talk with you again. Let me know how much snow you get. And I am looking for ideas on how to organize my craft any? Talk to you soon, girlfriend! Hugs, Kath

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... beautiful your blog looks. You cannot imagine how touched I was by your comment. There is..something is very different in my connection to you ..and your family. I am not sure what it is..but it is almost as though I know you from somewhere. I keep wondering if we have met before. Between Mele's problem and me saying will think I am a nut case.

And, no you are not alone with trying to keep up. Blogging, as much fun as it taking a lot more time than I ever thought it would. I ironed all morning and had to force myself to not stop and run in here to finish what I had started. I finished my chore!! :)
I want to visit everyone...and and read ever single one of them and I just cannot get it all done. are NOT alone. :)
I have to wonder at the stamina of some of the woman who do take part in every single special day throughout the week, do giveaways, sew, decorate, even are raising young ones..cook and TAKE pictures while doing it!! I just cannot do it all. Wish I could. I will do what I can. I just do not want blogging to become a chore. I am sure you know what I mean. It is just that it is such a creative way to share yourself and things you love with others of like mind, not to mention meeting some of the most wonderful women in this world. An amazing thing..this blogging!

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