Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redo Part III……

   I am not sure if I mentioned that this room had not been painted in years. Many nail pops and scrapes and minor scars were on the walls as you can imagine. Before painting, we had to cover up a lot with sheetrock compound. Taping and mudding and sanding left my house with a LOT of dust. That sheetrock dust gets into EVERYTHING!  One of those areas needing mudding was that nasty ceiling square my hubby put his foot through years ago. After taping and mudding and sanding it, David used a sponge to try and match up the rest of the ceiling. We have a textured ceiling. Not the popcorn type, but a lighter texture. He did a great job….well take a look…DSC04314 I know….in just the right light, you can still see the square but by God I am thrilled with it! Considering what we were looking at for years….come on! We were going to put up two shelves in the media cove, one deeper than the other. One for a router and other computer items and the other for framed photos and a plant or decor of some sort. We decided against that. We did put in track lighting which is connected to a dimmer switch. It is mood lighting for behind the big flat screen tv.  

DSC04377Here is a picture of what it looks like during the day. It’s really pretty cool at night….soft and unobtrusive. It’s hard to believe this was once a small bedroom/living room closet at this point!DSC04378 Since you could not see the lights from outside the closet, hubby chose this basic set of track lights….one on the left and one on the right. It came with three but we took one off. No need to brighten up the tv!DSC04379 Hubby installed these and also did ALL of the painting in here except for the trim….I did that. He would NOT let me do anything! Three coats of primer and two coats of Harbour Town….that’s a lot of painting! I cleaned and cooked and did whatever else I could but the hubs worked really hard on this one. The room was pretty much done and now we needed to fill it up because there was a hell of an echo in there! My husband had been researching large flat screen tv’s for a long, long time! I saw shortcuts all over our computer and emails back and forth between he and his brother constantly….every single day. He decided on a Samsung 46” flat screen tv. We made a trip to Best Buy and stood there staring at all the tv’s for a long time. Now….is it just me or is this specifically a guy thing??? Most every woman I talk to says she does not care one way or the other how HUGE her tv is? I know I don’t. It went something like this….( “How do you like this one honey?”…hubby.) (“They are all nice.”…Me)    Him…..excited as a school kid. Me…mildly excited but mostly for him. We buy the 46” and an xbox 360 and he gets an incredible deal on that….but that’s another story! The tv was delivered a few days later.DSC04383 I  I know it looks small there on the floor but trust me it’s not! It took two big men to carry it into the room and there was room in between the two of them!DSC04384 With the plastic still on. Just a few days before this, we were frantically shopping for a tv stand for this monster….oh what a time we had and we went to a LOT of stores shopping. Some days it really got tiring. We ended up with one from Walmart, made by Better Homes and Gardens, with a cherry finish and beveled glass front doors….just beautiful. My brother in law Joe showed up one afternoon, saw that it was still in the box and said “Let’s put it together! It would be a pleasure!” What a nice guy huh? He was so excited for us to be doing this room…..I can’t even tell you. Here is a photo of the two of them starting the venture that took them about an hour and a half. DSC04386 Pieces everywhere but they had a plan!

Hey how did that ugly chair get out here??DSC04387 And the new doors to the tv stand are sitting on it! Yah…we had to have something to sit in at night watching television in the dining room. Hubby was so comfy sitting here, he wanted to keep this chair for a while! NO!!!! It’s going to the dump!! I had planned this celebratory trip in my head for a long time and he was not going to disappoint me! As you can see, my little house got pretty crowded. While doing this room over, I became acutely aware of the amount of “junk” I have  accumulated over the years from yard sales and such! That’s another post! More on this adventure tomorrow……sorry Sheila!!:)



Dawn said...

Oh, Debbie, One year our regular tv broke when it was the Friday before superbowl Sunday and we (my hubs) almost ended up with a big screen. I pulled him back because of room and I like to give it thought. We ended up with a 32'', not too bad.
I can't wait to see the rest of the room especially the furnishings. Hey, I had a lady make a appointment for us to hook-up her new lp dryer and it did not fit thru her door! She was very dejected, more so she had no dryer!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up we all just love your blog and the pretty pictures and you know you are making a journal that you will cherish in your elder years. Just think maybe someday blueberry plains may be famous.

Anonymous said...

What's this about? Are you discouraged? Oh, please don't be as I believe that most of your faithful readers don't know that you're back on line.
At one time, or other, we all feel that suddenly we're all by ourselves and wondering if been talking to a blank wall.
Let me assure you that once you have personally contacted your friends, they'll be pleased to hear from you and will return to enjoy, once again, sharing parts of your life w/you!
Regardless, and as much as I can identify w/you, what you are doing is creating a colorful and well-written journal of yours and Bob's experiences that 20/50 years from now will become priceless reading for your heirs who you'll never meet and have the joy of speaking with but they will know you and love you very much!
Just think - And this applies to each person who writes in a blog/journal or frayed notebook, about their daily lives, there'll be a day that a descendant will pick it up, read, laugh and cry, beam w/pride, and wish deeply you could have known you personally but will be ever grateful to your journals to meet you in their time as if page was a free bus-fare to 'BlueBerry Fields'!
Now that's a BLESSING, Dear Debbie! And that's the reward and none is greater for it will in positive and loving ways switch on lights so they can see and find their own paths clearer and feel good about who and what their genetic progenitors were and thusly feel good about themselves.
Love ya ... GeeGee

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Debbie, It is looking pretty good! You guys are doing a good job!
I did answer your question over on my blog..I use a Scrapbook Program called Memory Mixer to make all my header photograph collages. It is easy to use once you get the hang of it:)

Shelia said...

Now girl, there you go teasing me again! It's looking really good. Oh, I feel your pain about finding something to sit these big TVs on. We've got one too! Your hubby did a great job on every thing. Seems like your job was to keep him fueled!
Thank you so much for the prayers for my daughter.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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