Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Harvest Of 2009


Thought I would share some of the pictures of our garden harvest. One Sunday, a few weeks ago, we had my son and daughter and my friend and mother in law Alice and father in law Woody and brother and sister in law over for a dinner. We all contributed to the dinner and it was delicious. I tried to cook some recipes that included garden veggies. We had baked ham, roasted garden veggies, pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw, and homemade carrot cake for dessert. My son made the cream cheese frosting. The kids cleaned out my garden for me. This is them above sitting at the picnic table after doing that. We all had fun and it was a gorgeous day!DSC04414                Eating raw carrots above.


             Alice checking it all out!


            Some of the harvest.


    It always my favorite part…letting everyone take home a big bag of goodies!


        Carissa playing carrot head!


        Relaxing after eating too many raw carrots and it was HOT that day.


      Even Obie was pooped after a long day of fun in the sun!! I crocheted the blanket that is over him a long time ago and the one under him was made by my Aunt Olive years ago. I took them off his bed the other day to wash them and didn’t put them right back on for a few days. He missed them! I brought them in to make his bed and he dove right in on them….rolling and rolling and sniffing away. He hides his head in the folds….it’s so damned cute! Look at that short little spotted leg hanging out! How can you not love that? ………………………………………

   So it was a good harvest but without tomatoes this year. As most of you know, I was hit with the blight. I have many new ideas for next year for my garden because of the massive amounts of copper beetles that came in. I also want to grow more newer types of squash and will be looking for disease resistant seeds and plants. I won’t be planting next year until I absolutely know the frosts are no longer!! That was a pain in the next to have to plant twice this year!…It gets a teensy weensy bit expensive! So….how did the rest of you do? Did you hit pay dirt?



Elenka said...

Bloody awful !!#$%&
No corn, no tomatoes, deer ate other stuff, woodchucks ate other stuff, lots of good basil. Some carrots and some beets. Medium string beans.
NO squashes.....Between the rain and the animals and who knows what else, it was the pits. Worst garden in over 30 years.
Guess I'll just have to stick to icecream.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

The few tomatoes I had froze one frosty night over here :-) I really have to make a green house next year if I ever going to get some tomatoes :-)

How do You handle Obies diabetes nowdays? Is it still as hard to give him his shots?
have a great day now!

Dawn said...

Debbie,You did well. I wished for pumpkin and grew one small one that had a bad spot. I'm with you, different squash next year. How about peas for you? I canned mine I got some many, hubby tells me they taste like pea soup.
We burned our wood pile (mostly pallettes from furnaces and such) in the garden for the ash, soon we will lyme and rototill.
I'm saving all the newspapers I can get my hands on!

Dawn said...

Oh, yes! Obie is so cute!

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Sorry about your tomatoes, but everything else looks wonderful! What a fun way to gather your veggies - invite everyone over for dinner!
Now little Obie is truly adorable! Aren't our fuzzy faces just the funniest little things?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

A nice post bringing back the memory of a fun day at the get togather you put on.
coochy coo and all that stuff.

Debbie said...

Elenka:...I agree with you totally!! It was a very bad year for gardens in Maine! I am glad I was not alone! Thanks for stopping by!
Christer:...I am with you on the tomatoes! Obie is doing fine and we are continually increasing his insulin until we get the right glucose levels. I am pretty much a pro at giving injections now I guess! Lot's of practice...twice a day! Thanks for asking Christer.
Dawn:...I almost always grow sugar snap peas but didn't this year. I used to add wood ash to my garden years ago when we burned wood! I have never added Lyme but heard it is a good idea. I guess I just go with the cow manure and figure it will be alright. I love the newspaper idea...that looks like it works great. I must ask you more questions about that some time!
Sheila:....Thanks so much and I am glad your daughter is going to be fine. Prayers were answered! Yes...our animals are wonderful. If I could only be the person that my dog thinks I am someday...that unconditional love is great isn't it?
Woody:...It WAS fun wasn't it?? Is the coochy coo for Obie?? Ha ha

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Debbie, what a fun time and a CUTE dog! My two used to have their favorite covers, too. He's just the cutest!

And look at all the veggies. What a fun time! When I was small, we had a wonderful garden, but I haven't had one in years. This makes me want one in the worst way. LOL!


Sheila :-)

Debbie said...

Sheila/Magpie:...Thanks for popping in! I love gardening even though it can be exhausting sometimes. The harvest is worth all the effort. You should start one! It's so rewarding. I actually learned about gardening when I was little from my dad. He always had one. I love your blog and your creativity.

kanishk said...

Sorry about your tomatoes, but everything else looks wonderful! What a fun way to gather your veggies - invite everyone over for dinner!
Now little Obie is truly adorable! Aren't our fuzzy faces just the funniest little things? Work From Home

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