Saturday, October 3, 2009



Hello every0ne! I sure have missed being here soooo much! I hope you have not forgotten me! My last post was mid July when we were starting our living room project. We thought it would only take us one month. That one month stretched into two and then three. We had many bumps along the road and many blessings. Every time something strange or unforeseen occurred, God stepped in with a little bonus for us. It was sometimes crazy and absolutely exhausting to have our house upside down. All for a tiny little living room! As soon as I get all the pictures into a slide show I will share with you all what we did. The hardest part of it all were the decisions! DECISIONS…DECISIONS…DECISIONS! What color paint and what type of flooring and furniture and curtains and new tv and computer table and end table and lighting and on and on! We used Google a lot! We spent so many hours traveling to some of the local stores in Portland and South Portland, they started to recognize us when we walked through the door! We bought a couch, love seat and recliner and the couch would not fit through the living room door. When the guy started asking us if our windows come out, we said No!…take the couch back! The love seat eventually went back as it just didn’t work and we now have two recliners and another chair. We took two sets of curtains back after “trying them on” our windows. Finally a set we liked….off white of course! You can’t go wrong with that! I really needed to hire one of you as a designer because it was brutal to make these choices.

So….it has been a long summer and I have many pictures to share with you and here it is fall already. I’ve missed so much. My garden produced some awesome veggies and flowers but I was hit for the first time with tomato blight and had to destroy all my tomato plants. They had to be bagged up and taken to the dump so as not to infect other plants in the tomato family. Weird huh? Many farmers in Maine lost their entire crops to this! I did get some great produce though. We had a harvest dinner a couple of Sunday’s ago and my family came and took what they wanted from the garden. I have pictures!! Then of course there was the Port Hole of 2009. My brother and nephews came home from Nashville, and performed for us all, at Port Hole in Portland, Maine. It was a blast, and I will write about that soon too. For today, I just wanted to check in and claim my seat in blogging once again. I have already gone on too long. I wanted to thank my faithful bloggie friends out there……you know who you are! You are all wonderful and I so enjoyed being able to visit you. I am so thrilled to be back on my regular computer!! The laptop I was using was the biggest pain in the *** because the words kept jumping all over hell’s creation! Oh well….at least I had one to use.

I will leave you with a couple photos of my crazy gourds from this year. God I love growing gourds….they are so neat….you never know what you will get when you plant a mixture packet of them!DSC04337


These turned completely yellow but if picked early, will be greenish yellow with these bumps all over that look like warts….very cool.


See the one above on the bottom….those look like little pumpkins and are just adorable for decorating. I ended up with over 30 baby pumpkins and a ton of butternut squash and rainbow carrots, zucchini, green beans, cukes, summer squash, and more. As soon as I download the photos from my camera I will post them to share with you. I was quite impressed with Dawn’s garden and all the canning she did! Kathleen did quite a bit too! I never got to that this year but did freeze some veggies…..I have more to do. Ok….I am….glad to be back and see you all, hopefully soon with more photos!!


Port Hole 2009… nephew Adam playing lead guitar.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so delicious to have you back! Super interesting overview of what's been going on w/you and Robert.
Your readers will appreciate and admire your 'new' living room - it is beautiful but definitely was not an easy project! But now, it's happy days ahead!
I'll be returning to blogging, too - soon - in awhile - w/different approach - still thinking about it - might need a road map - but, wait, where is my Indian? Ahhh!
Love, GeeGee

Dawn said...

Welcome back Debbie! You have been missed! I can't wait to see your new livingroom, do you have before photos?
I just finished canning 4 more quarts of tomatoes (by myself! Yah!), from what I hear we are lucky to get ours, I think the garden being new has alot to do with it. Did you see to lyme the garden well and till it in this fall? Blight doesn't like acid soil and will die (Hopefully). You did far better with the squash than I, and I have two birdhouse gourds about the size of my pinkie. :( Yours are splendid!
Can't wait to read your catching up from the summer! Stay dry!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Glad to see you back, I am looking forward to seeing the photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog world. We will all be looking to see what surprises you have for us.

Shelia said...

Debbie! I'm just missed you so! I'm glad you're going to be back in Blogland! Oh, you poor thing! Redoing can be painful, can't it? I can't wait to see your pictures.
Have a wonderful Sunday and
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbie said...

Thank you!! All of you for being such loyal friends as to NOT forget me! It is heart warming!

Kathleen said...

Hi glad you are back on the blog circuit...Oh how you have been missed. I see you have been a very busy girl the last couple of months. Can't wait to see pics of your new living room, and more veggie pics as well. My next canning project will be cranberry sauce. Your smiling words are a sight for sore eyes. Yip-ee. Debbie is back....Big hugs, Kathleen

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