Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part 4 of Redo…..

   Ok….ok….you are probably getting sick of this by now! I will wrap it up today without all the trivial details! My brother in law Joe and my husband put together the new stand and put it into place with the new 46” on top….a man’s dream! I could hear the ouuu’s and ah’s from the kitchen! You would have thought there was a playboy bunny walking in front of them! Honestly! Men and their electronics! Us women have our things too….I know! DSC04388 Into the room and ready to wire it up. And then the moment came….DSC04441 Sorry for the dark photos and you really can’t see the stand that well.DSC04442     This was put in place even before we got the furniture in there! Joe and hubby sat in kitchen chairs in the middle of the room watching the new Samsung! My hubby kept whooping….and yeehaing! He was happy! Eventually, we got a couch and a loveseat and a recliner delivered from Bob’s Discount Furniture in South Portland. The couch would not fit through the living room door and had to go back. The loveseat stayed for a week before we realized THAT was not going to work either. A really LONG story short, we ended up with two Olive colored recliners…..his and mine. We added a small chair, a beautiful end table, and matching étagère that we got a fabulous deal on at Mardin’s Furniture store in Lewiston. They were overstocks and no damage to any of the furniture! The savings was phenomenal! We got lucky. After three!….yes three!!…sets of curtains…brought home and hung up and taken back….we ended up with grommet top curtains with polished nickel rods and the curtains are off white. A new lamp was added and a new desk and a new bed for Obie under the end table….he loves it. Here are the photos….

I know…they are dark….bear with me…..

DSC04435 DSC04436 I really should have lightened these….. And the new desk ……DSC04443 better lighting at least! DSC04444 The final rods and curtains!DSC04445 Some day maybe blinds….DSC04446 My chair and end table and new lamp AND a doily hand crocheted by Alice/GeeGee….my wonderful friend and mother in law!

DSC04440New little tub chair with pillow.DSC04453 Étagère next to it and close ups of Étagère…DSC04476 DSC04477

New area rug just a few days ago…DSC04469 DSC04470 Close up of rug…..I love it! DSC04466New clock….cherry and black background but you can’t see that can you?!DSC04474 New overhead light which is much nicer in person with filigree around the edge.DSC04475  Obie’s new sage and cream designer bed scrunched under the end table!DSC04456 And some small close ups…DSC04450 Different angle of desk and tv…DSC04455 That’s it!!!! It is now just our own little tv/media room that is just as comfy cozy as can be. We haven’t had a chance to decorate the walls yet…over the big tv and on the walls but that will come. Right now we are taking a break and saying “Ahhhhh”….Sorry the photos were so dark and some got blurry but you get the idea. Quite a change huh? We are thrilled with it and glad to be rid of the “old room”. My son came in and sat down and said…. “Mom…I feel like I am in a hotel lobby.” I am not sure if that is good or bad??? I am hoping good! Ok Sheila…..I didn’t make you wait too long for the finale did I??? No No Nanette!! You all are sweethearts….to write what you have written….warms my heart….thanks.DSC04391


Shelia said...

YAY! Debbie it all looks so wonderful! Love the TV stand and the cut in area of the room is just perfect! Love your new curtains and those chunky rods look so good! Your new furniture is so pretty - love your chairs and that new rug! Oh, I'll bet you're just loving your new room - I do!
Sit back and enjoy!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dawn said...

Debbie, It all looks wonderful! I love the area rug and who said we need a couch? Mine collects dust, or cat hair as the coon is the only one sitting on it. I love the curtains, isn't it hard to pick just the right one!? Doesn't seem like it should but it is.
Mardens in Lewiston is the best!!

Zane said...

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Anonymous said...

OK now its done now lets spill a little pizza and popcorn on the rug and play some xbox.
Just jokin it is truley an awesome looking room and it well reflects your efforts and decorative talents grats to you and Bob.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks great! You did good, you both should be very proud! :)

Tina said...

Debbie....just a hello from a fellow Maine blogger, in honor of the New England Bloggers group reaching 100!

My thing is books, but I've enjoyed following your makeover. We just built this house we're in here in Midcoast about 5 years ago. The design process and then choosing everything from paint colors to faucets to molding, to windows, etc was exciting but exhausting. I know you will enjoy your new room now that's it's truly yours.

Good luck with continued success for your blog. Stop by sometime at Tutu's Two Cents and say Hi. There's a lot about books, but I usually throw in some Maine and travel stuff too.

Kathleen said...

Sorry to be away so long....auctions and grandkids have kept me busier than I want to be. I am just in awe of all the work you and your husband have done. I mean you starteed from scratch, really. And what a fabulous make-over. You should be on H & G TV. I love the chairs. I had to laugh at what Dawn one sits on my couch either. Love the TV of course (such a man thing). I especially like the lamp you have between the two chairs...nice! I basically hate curtains, so I always have a hard time picking out something I like. Yours are just perfect. Well you and the man should be plenty proud of yourselves....and having the patience to live in it, with all the work going on, too. I would have been a screaming baanshee. So, now, just enjoy! Big hugs, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

These caring ladies are so right as they have a creative eye and are so talented, too!
Well, what do you know - there's abit of sunshine penetrating a silver lined sky!
Much love, my friend, GeeGee

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Debbie, I had to come over and see the twins to mine! LOL! And they are... mine are white, white, though.

Also... what color is your room? Mine is a pale yellow. It looks off in the pictures, but it is a soft yellow.

Loved seeing these and am so glad you dropped by to visit. Maine is one of my favorite states!


Sheila :-)

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