Friday, February 10, 2012

2012… The Winter That Wasn’t

So far, this winter has been pretty mild with no storms to speak of

on the horizon. Kind of a false start winter. We got a little bit of

snow and then it stopped coming. Warm days and cool nights have

definitely helped us all out with the fuel bills for sure. I do wonder

if the future for Maine winters in my area are changing and will

look more like a winter/spring mix? Maybe we should start calling

winter Sprinter? Something is definitely going on here. I overheard

someone at the grocery store talking about it the other day. He

said the lake near his home, has turned to ice in the winter for as

long as he could remember (and he was old). This year it had not.

That seemed very odd to him. In the little town I live in, there is

an annual fishing derby on our lake. It had to be cancelled for the

first time and rescheduled because the ice was not safe or frozen

deep enough. Do

any of you notice changes in your winter? Just wondering……

I have been getting through the days by crafting. I am making

bottlecap pincushions once again. Here’s a picture I got from

the internet of some pretty ones………………………………………………….

These cute cushions are as decorative as they are practical.    They are a lot of fun to

make.   I will share some photos when I am done. Every Thursday

evening I have had a bunch of girlfriends come by and we read and

just hang out and talk. It has been such a blessing. Some days

when I think I am just going crazy from “stuff” happening in my life,

they seem to bring me back to where I need to be. There have been

some real tough  (emotional) times since Christmas,  but God is seeing us

through, no matter what the problem may be. I was told recently

that I need to set boundaries around myself. Do any of you do that?

Do you have boundaries? I don’t think I ever have had them in my

life. Here’s what wikipedia says about them…BOUNDARIES

It definitely makes sense and it’s about time I set some I guess. I

am looking for a good slow cook pork dish. Got any ideas? Hope

you are all well and getting through the winter or in some cases

Sprinter!…..without the blues…….heathercatface1



R. J. said...

We are okay with the idea of skipping winter this year, or at least skipping the snowy part. We won't have to replace our old snow blower for another year. I remember many years in the past 45 that we had only a dusting of snow and I am in the mood to wait for next year. Last year had enough snow to last for two years, so we are due a break.

Eva Gallant said...

I like to take a pork roast, season it with garlic and pepper, and put it in my slow for 3 or 4 hours with some carrots (I parboil them for about 10 minutes first), a sliced onion, some peeled potatoes cut into 2 inch chunks and a can of Cream of Onion Soup! Delicious!

Debbie said...

R.J....You are right...I remember last year being very snowy too. After reading your blog I am ready for spring now!! Thanks for coming by.
Eva...I am going to try that..but only 3 or 4 hours? Are you talking about the crock pot and if so is it on high? Sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie Thanks for dropping bu and leaving your very encouraging comments ... we had been having a very mild winter but its hitting us hard at the moment - deep snow twice in one week; we Brits are notoriously bad at coping with any extremes of weather be it snow, wind, rain, heat, leaes on railway tracks ... but so far the buses have kept running here in London so I can't complain (yet)

Jean Merriman said...

Well hello my friend! Good to see you posting and I like the sprinter!! Hope spring comes early this year to make up for the late one last year. The winters sure have changed a lot since I was a kid. I was brought up down east on the Canadian/US border and the river between the 2 countries was right behind our house and I remember a Coast Guard Cutter would have to go up thru to keep the water opened. In my parents younger years that did not happen and they tell of cars going from Canada to the US on the ice. It does not even freeze over enough for a cutter to have to keep it opened as much now. Changes for sure. Also I can remember as a kid we slways had a foot of snow in the woods for the hunters when hunting season opened. Neither I or my parents have ever hunted but I did have a few uncles that did.

I have never felt a need to have boundries on myself but if I did I would put them there and stick to them. You are a very caring person so if you feel a need you Must NEED them so DO IT!! Sorry you have been having an emotional time. I will have to call you soon. Hang in there my friend!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Debbie! I couldn't agree more.. Sprinter seems to be the word around here too! I've never been a big fan of Winter anyways, so the warmer weather is just fine with me, but I do worry if this is the global warming we hear of and really SHOULDN'T be having. We have had a little snow here and there, but not one nor'easter. We've ALWAYS had at least one of those by NOW! Very strange... Anyways, the bottle cap pincushions look like fun! Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

Debbie said...

Jane:...Oh my how exciting to live in London! I had forgotten that you all get snow there too. You seem like you are such a fun person Jane no matter what the weather is doing! Thanks for coming by.
Jean...Hello my friend! Glad you came by and love your winter stories! I wish you would get a blog so that everyone could enjoy your wonderful stories! Oh I am fine...God is on my side. The old saying is "If God be for you, who be against you?" is something I am holding onto. By all means call me sometime...would love to hear from you! My love to Dawn too.
Tina...Thanks for popping in...Ah yes...the nor'easter...where are they??? Maybe the world is turning upside down? Eventually we will be like Florida and they like us? Then people will winter in Maine! Wouldn't that be crazy??? Thanks for coming by Tina.

Lili said...

Our all day Downeast snow amounted to only about an inch in accumulation! We too have been wanted to go ice fishing but the lake we go to in Acadia is not frozen enough (for me, at least). Good to see you posting again! ~Lili

Debbie said...

Lili...Yes! Here too...only NO accumulation at all! Very weird weather...probably next year will bring just the opposite...who knows? Thanks for coming by and I am glad I am posting again too...thanks Lili!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

DEBBIE! My goodness, I was so surprised to see your little name up there! How nice to see you. I was not certain as to why you no longer came by and was reluctant to write and ask..but you are back and I am just plain delighted!
I am actually surprised that I am still blogging..and of course from time to time I think of giving it up..but it is..a sort of hobby, habit to some extent..but mostly it is pure joy to share with others with like interests! Anyway...welcome back and I hope you never go away again!
Ok..about the weather. Of course you may remember that our family is in Maine. Bucks Harbor (the island) and Portland. Our letters from there are wondering the same thing..where is WINTER! It has everyone wondering and a wee upset.
We will be flying back in August if all goes well. I have missed two years. First because of my illness and then because Howard has a knee replaced in August so the trip was cancelled. We own a home there on 42 acres right on the ocean. We have it rented out at the moment. A little two story house. LITTLE!! :)
I have missed the blueberries!! We are so excited about going this summer!
Sending a hug and thanking you again for stopping by! :):)

Witchy Mom's Homeschool and Organic Gardens said...

We must be right around the corner from you, because we also live close to the 'derby lake' of which you speak.

Yes, I'm also concerned about winter. There has been talk of a sort of la nina effect making our winter so mild. I don't like this trend at all. I'm a snow fan from way back, so this lack of cold and snow just feels...unnatural!

Those pin cushions look adorable!

Debbie said...

Mona...Thanks so much for coming by and for your wonderful comments! I will be back to see you. I totally forgot your connection to Maine...that is very cool! See you back at your place soon.
WMHOG...Thanks for coming by. Now I am really curious about your title and where in Maine you live? I will pop over and check you out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE those sweet little pincushions!! I have a book that shows you how to make these.I adore pc's.
I live in Australia so we are at the end of Summer over here.We don't get snow where we are.We know about the wonderful architecture in Portland... Talk soon.

Debbie said...

Judy....Thanks for coming by! Wow...Australia!!...How nice! You have had your terrible weather with that awful lord what you all went through. Is the weather better there? I would love to see that book on pincushions! How did you know about Portland? Have you been there? Thanks again for popping in!

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