Monday, February 20, 2012


Have any of you seen the DIY girls? I don’t know much about them

but what I can tell you is they are very clever when it comes to sewing.

I am always looking for pincushions that might inspire me. Of course

that does not mean I will be able to make them! I like looking at them

for some reason. Call me obsessive….I guess I probably am when it

comes to looking at Etsy stores and Googling pincushions. They are

just so darned cute. Another place I search and seek is a place

called Pinterest . I am sure you all know about that. What an addiction

that can become! Here is the latest pincushion I would love to try

that the DIY twins do a tutorial of……………………………………………………

Yesterday Bobbie and I went to Portland to see my daughter Carissa’s

new apartment down on the waterfront. While waiting outside for us

to arrive, she accidentally locked herself out! The beauty of that is

that she lives with two other room mates and they both work at the

same place as she does….a five minute drive from her home in the

wonderful Old Port section of Portland. We took her down to get a

set of keys from one of them! Whew! I forgot my camera but next time

I will bring it and show you pictures. What a cute place. I felt like I

had stepped back into the 70’s. She collects old albums….well….they

are not called albums anymore….they are “vinyl” now. What’s up with that?

Anyway….I will be on the lookout at yard sales now for them for her.

What’s old is new again. There were albums like Great Vinyl on this is album cover photo of TAJ MAHAL - The Real Thing 2LP Gatefold

Taj Mahal……and my husband sat on a blanket on a chair with the head of


 on it. There were quite a few guitars, drums, tambourines,

and a music stand with some old Bob Dylan sheet music on it.

To say that my daughter is a bit of a hippie like her mother was is an understatement. And

of all of the characters and chotskies  (from my past and hers) on the furniture, the walls, the refrigerator and the

music stands, the one things that drew my attention the most was an antique Hoosier cabinet.

I used to have one years ago and sold it for little or nothing at a yard sale. Here’s a photo of

a nice one…. They are nice pieces. Apparently her room mate’s

mother lent it to them to use….neat. Well…we brought her out here for the afternoon/evening

with my grand dog Piper! I made little haddock casseroles and cheesy penne Rigato.  She and I

played  a game called Scattergories and had a lot of fun!! It was a good day. Any cute pincushions

you see with patterns, send them my way via a link would you? Hope you are all well…..see you





Anonymous said...

Haha - my son also collects 'vinyls' I have always kept all of my old ones - not that we have similiar tastes but it bulks the collection out and I ws never a fan of Donny Osmond so it saves any blushes. He has just bought 'proper' old record player, now he just needs to get a plug and he'll be away!

Thanks for all the nice comments you have left on my blog ... yesterdays run was a bit of a disaster but I am being stoic!

Claudia said...

We have a lot of old vinyl out in the shed! I used to buy records all the time and still love the old albums best! Your daughter's apartment sounds great.


Jean Merriman said...

Sounds like a great day with Carissa and I love the Hoosier. The side and the botton is exactly like mine but the top is different and it looks like it is in much better shape than mine. Her apartment sounds like a gem!

I have a lot of the old albums also and some 54's but I foolishly ha gotten rid of the ones from high school. I had all ALL the old Evlis ones. How sad is that?!! Sigh, oh well. I have read where they are becoming very popular again. People are tired of all the high tch stuff and like the scratchie albums.

Jean Merriman said...

OMG I sould have read my comment before posting as it is full of mistakes but I am sure you know what I meant.

Debbie said...

Jane...Hello! Oh I am glad I am not the only Mom that has kids collecting the "ancient" vinyl!! Thanks for popping in...will be by to see you soon!
Claudia...Well all this talk of albums is making me rethink throwing mine out and giving them away! Good for you!
Jean...Hi Jean! Thanks for your comment and it was fine!! Don't worry....I guess i must be the ONLY one that doesn't have any albums right now!! Weird! How's Dawn doing??

Anonymous said...

Debbie - sorry just zipped back after your nice message! Don't worry the Pancake post was tongue in cheek (although I do have friends who tick all of those boxes)
I love my bus journeys but I am told that not a lot of Americans use public transport - in London we all use it but in the countryside it is too unreliable to be of any real use.

Debbie said...

Thanks Jane!

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