Thursday, February 16, 2012



These gorgeous flowers my husband gave me for Valentines Day have me thinking

of Spring every day!! DSC07464And he made sure he got two of my

favorite colors….purple and pink. How about that Pink & White Hydrangea?? Isn’t it a

beauty? DSC07465They smell awesome!! Now I am ferociously visiting

websites and looking at flowers I want to grow this summer! DSC07467 The

deep pink in the center next to the soft pink of the carnations draws me in…….Oh and by the

way….there were so many flowers crowded together (maybe because of the size of the Hydrangea),

that I was able to make two bouquets!! And that was my largest vase too! Here is the second

vase with flowers that were also in the bouquet…..DSC07468  There are my

colors! DSC07469 Can anyone tell me what these tall purple flowers are? Is

it stock? And what about the pink ones above? I also cannot find the lavender one in the third photo

down? So….I am enjoying Spring right here in my house ya’ll……..ain’t that grand!! Ha ha ……….



R. J. said...

I hope I'm not jumping into spring too soon, but I eagerly anticipate it. Looking at springtime clothes in the mall will do that to me. Your flowers are great, but I never saw a flower I didn't like. I can't be very helpful in naming some of them however.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi debbie! it is rather salty. mine is so salty because of my mistake of shredding it and then sprinkling the brown sugar and salt on it. just cut back on the salt and i bet it will still be good! no winter here yet. i want at least one good snowfall but maybe not this year!

Jean Merriman said...

It sure does feel like spring. I even wnt out yesterday and did a couple o small jobs but everthing is so wet I could not do too much. I did notice the Forsythias have good buds on them. I think I shall go out today and pick some to put in water and I should have some pretty yellow flowers in a shot time. Your flowers are gorgeous. I got candy instead of flowers, just like I need candy! Oh well, it is the thought that counts.

2 posts in less than a week, wooohooooo!

Debbie said...

R.J....I love that saying....I never saw a flower I didn't like!!
Jazz...I will try it and stop being so darned hard on yourself for Gods sake! You are an amazing cook!! Thanks for answering my ??
Jean...Oh my know me too well my friend. When WAS the last time I posted twice in one week?? I wish you had a blog...but you can keep coming to mine...that will be my inspiration for keeping blogging for now!! Ha ha...

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