Sunday, January 29, 2012


We finally got a little more snow. It is really starting to look like winter. Most Mainers get a little bit worried

if we don’t get snow. There are all sorts of superstitions about what will happen. Some are probably true

and I know that many are just old wives tales. You’ll always hear folks talking about it though. Here is a photo

after the plow guy left…..DSC07432 It was such a stormy day, I decided to make a big pan of stuffed

shells. I usually do cheese stuffed but really wanted the meat ones this time. They came out fantastic!! I had

a  homemade  meat sauce that I had previously frozen that the shells sat on and also had a sprinkling on top.

Here’s a photo of them right out of the oven……..DSC07431  Don’t they look yummy! Oh you bet they

were! My husband and I were in Jumbo Shell heaven for a couple of days! Most of you know I have a craft room

in the upstairs of my home that used to be one of my kids bedrooms. Recently, our friends Mary and Heath gave us

a twin bed. I have not had a bed in there for years. When my son stayed the night he slept on an inflatable mattress

that we had. So…I now have a bed up there and I love it. I went up and took some photos to show you. The bed

is just a plain stained wooden framed twin that I plan on painting at some point….DSC07440See that heart shaped

pillow on the bed?….My friend Susan made that for me. It is hand quilted and hand dyed. The “night stand” is a metal

filing cabinet with vintage table cloths on it. The wicker lamp was given to me by my mother in law Alice…….

DSC07439 The chair I got at a yard sale for a couple dollars and the pillow on the chair I made myself.  I rescued this

wicker chair from a trip to the dump and gave it a coat of paint…..DSC07437 then dressed it up with vintage cloths. It

still needs another coat of paint and some work but I love it.DSC07435 I made this patchwork pillow I keep on it. I am

getting to the age where I thoroughly enjoy my “old finds” that I stuff into my little room! I love the combination of chimes and

my poster of Guitar chords hanging together….DSC07438 Both from separate yard sales, they just seem to belong

together to me. Another yard sale find I adore is this vintage flower dish from Japan….DSC07444 Of course the

shape grabs your attention and then the color is so vibrant!! Eye candy. Smile I love my little room and always feel so

comfy cozy when I walk in and out of there. On another note….we love to watch the American Pickers on the history channel.

They just opened a new shop in Nashville. My sister in law Amy (who lives in Nashville) sent me a little package from their

new store the other day…’s a photo of it……DSC07433 it’s a bumper sticker!! I have already put it on my car.

Their other store is called DSC07434 and it is in Iowa. Well…..I guess it is time to get some work done….I am getting

ready to take some photos of Old Marbles to put on Ebay for a friend. It’s a sunny day here on the plains….bright and beautiful.

I hope you are all doing well and staying creative during this long winter (for us northerners that is) but I don’t doubt that a

bit… are ALL extremely creative in so many ways!! Before I leave, I wanted to say that I found a recipe on

 Lick The Bowl Good blog that is out of this world good! I had a bin full of apples that I needed to use up, so  I made her

Fresh Apple cake with brown sugar glaze yesterday. As a matter of fact, I made two of them! One for us, and one for my

mother and father in law….plus two apple crumb pies! I had a lot of apples! Here is a link to her recipe for that wonderful

Apple cake to die for!!…. Fresh Apple Cake With Brown Sugar Glaze Try it….you’ll love it. I can’t wait to try another one of

her recipes……CatSleeping…… debbie2 




Eva Gallant said...

What? No free samples of the shells and cake?? I'm drooling, here!

Jean Merriman said...

Hi Debbie!!
It sure has been a crazy winter with all the warm temps. I fear the plants will be so confused they will just give up and die. But then again, maybe they ar loving it.

Your upstairs room is wonderful, I just love it all!

All the food sounds so tasty. I will have to go check out the cake.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Debbie,
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a message. It's always so much fun to make a new friend!
I'm sure you'll be getting some snow soon. Here in San Antonio, Tx we're missing rain. (though it is raining lightly at the moment). We need more, MUCH more to get us out of this draught.
Patricia :o)

Ps: The heart shaped pillow is so sweet! You're friend did a beautiful job!

R. J. said...

Hi Deb. You're enjoying winter and comfort food while we have warm weather in the middle states. Not complaining, it is nice to avoid shoveling.

Your vintage furniture looks great. I like white wicker and have restored a few pieces too.

Super Bowl Sunday coming up and another opportunity to ruin my diet. I can't remember who is playing, but Madonna is performing, maybe they couldn't afford Lady Gaga.

Claudia said...

Debbie, I am in love with that green wicker chair. Be still my heart! That bed will come in handy when you have guests. I'm thinking your son will appreciate it!


Debbie said...

Eva:...Come on over and I will make both for you!!
Jean:...You will LOVE that cake. Hope you make it...thanks for popping in my friend.
Patricia:...Thanks for coming by. I will pray for rain for your area. That's terrible...I hope it changes soon!
RJ...We got even more snow since I wrote this! Oh...Lady GagGag...don't get me started on her! I am way too opinionated about that stuff! Thanks for coming by and enjoy blowing the diet on Sunday!
Claudia:...Oh thanks so much for your kind words and YES my son will enjoy a bed instead of an air mattress finally!

Anonymous said...
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