Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Almost all of my seeds in my garden have sprouted! I am so happy about that because I started late this year.

Not only late, but the first few days were raw and cold. I really wondered if the seeds would take.

My two rows of sweet corn are coming along but are slower than the couple of rows of colored corn. I love that

colored corn! Here is what it looked like last year…..DSC05043 after I made swags. My cosmic purple and rainbow carrots

are showing their fine blades through the soil. I have never tried Cosmic Purple carrots before but I hear they are very sweet. Here is

a photo of what they are supposed to look like………….pretty cool huh? And of course you can’t beat the rainbow carrots! Here they are….

 You never know what you are going to get with these. I tried gold rush Zucchini this year and regular Zucchini. The gold rush is a yellow variety that looks like this…. They are both up and growing nicely.

I planted 3 different kinds of cucumbers. A pickling cuke, a long cuke, and a short vined one. On some, all of the seeds came up and others  are a bit slow.  My Watham butternut squash is coming up nicely and two new squashes I planted

this year, are Vermicelli Spaghetti  and Red Eye.They are up and growing well. The red eye is supposed to be a good eating squash, and is fun for fall decorating.

I planted two different types of pumpkin. One is called Spookie…. It produces heavy yields of 7” across bright orange pumpkins. They have strong stems, very flavorful flesh, great for pies and for carving.  Another variety I have tried in the past and the seeds never sprouted, is Lumina. The seed company gave me a free packet to try this year and they came up!!   They are a white variety of pumpkin! Here’s a photo of one carved……  Cool huh? The orange flesh usually shows through from what I am told.

I have yet to get tomatoes but still plan on doing that. The only thing I forgot were sunflowers….I planted a variety that surprises me with many different colors.

Aren’t they pretty?    So that’s it…..next time I will try to get some photos.

I saw a picture of Obie the other day on my computer and it just about tore my heart out. It sure does take time to get over our furry loved ones. I have started volunteering at a food bank in my town twice a month. It’s been really rewarding. I have had to cut back because of physical ailments but hope to do more in a different capacity. I worked with a woman from our local cooperative extension, to create a little cookbook of monthly food samplings that she brings in for the clients to taste. That was a lot of work but it was fun seeing their faces when they received it!~~

Our construction continues. I think I mentioned Lowe’s was replacing our kitchen floor. What a job that was! The two brothers that work for Lowe’s came here and did a fantastic job!! The first day it looked like someone blew up my kitchen. By the third day it was beautiful and looked almost identical to the original floor….without the grout crumbling! Now when I vacuum the floor, I don’t hear the PING PING PING of the grout flying up into the vacuum!! That’s a plus! Our newest bit of construction is ripping out carpet on a set of stairs and replacing them with Maple wood stairs. I will get pictures to show you as always!~~

This weekend I am going to try and get by to visit you all. For all of you that come by here….Thanks!!! You’re the best!! You know who you are…..you wonderful women you!!! See you soon……..airconditioningAnd stay cooooooooooooooool……….debbie11



Jean Merriman said...

Glad your kitchen is finally done and done right!

I am trying the red eye squash this year also from Pinetree. The past 2 years I have grown orange sunshine from Johnny's and just love it. I am thinking from the decription the red eye is nearly the same as o sunshine. I will also do the o sunshine in case it is not as i really love the sunshine. It is very sweet and dry and bright orange color.

Glad to see you on here and hope you have a good week Debbie.

Debbie said...

Jean:...I am so glad you come by here!! It brightens my day. I would love to see your garden!! It must be amazing! Come by again real soon....you actually got me blogging again...bet you didn't know that?

Jean Merriman said...

Debbie dear you have just humbled me! Thanks but for whatever reason I am so glad you are back!!! Now if we could just get Dawn back. Think she is too busy playing catch up after missing most of 7 or more months of the past 10 months. She keeps saying she is gonna start blogging again.

If you are ever in Brunswick come on down as I am only 15 - 20 mintues from Brunswick. I will fix lunch and get Dawn to come.

Debbie said...

Jean:...Oh I would love that so much!! My mother in law Alice would also love to come and meet you and Dawn once again!! We had such a great day with her and your granddaughter!! Wow...you are pretty close by. Ask Dawn what she thinks and we will make a date for the future!!

Dawn said...

Hi Guys!
I finally have my energy to be back!
So sorry to hear about Obie, Tartarus is getting there as he is 15, (the ole' coot!) He's sore and sometimes I wonder about how depressed he is. Still wags his tail though. I'm going to try to hang on.
Debbie, I finished my chemo about 5 weeks ago and I,m cancer free, I have check-up and scans in August. If anythings going on it will be caught early. Thank goodness!
Nice to hear about your volunteering, I need to do that for cancer but the relay for life just past about a month ago. That's what happenes when you don't keep up with the newspaper! Oh well, next year. Stay in touch

Lola said...

Hi Debbie. Looks like your garden is going great. I hope it does great for you.
I'm glad you got your floor done right.
It is rewarding when a person volunteers. Sure wish I was able to do that. The heat has gotten most of my garden so I have plenty of time on my hands. I am trying to keep my flowers going. So dry but we are getting a shower that is very welcome & I know my plants love it.

Debbie said...

Dawn:...Oh my God I can't believe you are back!! Halleluiah!! Thank God you are cancer free!!! Wow...that's huge!! WE all missed you so much...I couldn't be happier to see your familiar name back here...hooray!

Debbie said...

Lola:...It sounds like you still have an awesome garden! Hang in there with it...last year I lost most of my garden to a frost and had to plant it all again...it's not too late for that. Thanks for coming by....I love reading what you write!

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