Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Not too long ago, I was happily off my diet, munching on a container

of French fries and a dollar menu cheeseburger from McDonalds.

My husband and I were sitting in a parking lot where we work. After

a while, the fries just didn’t seem as appealing to me as I thought

they would be. Don’t you  hate that? You go off the diet because

you think you are missing out on something so good, to find out

it’s not so good. What a bummer that is. While I was sitting there

contemplating all of this, I noticed a Black Crow lurking on

the edge of the roof of the building next to me. He was cawing

away. It reminded me of the seagulls that we have here in Maine that

are such scavengers.

They are not the least bit shy and will fly right

next to you to get a bite of food. So….I figured the crow would too.

I threw out lots of fries as far past the car as I could. The Crow stayed on

the roofs edge. Suddenly, another large Crow swooped in and started

gathering. That gave our friend on the roof the courage to do the same.

Actually, it was more like “you’re not going to get my fries!”…I think! The Crow

that flew in,  just scooped and flew off. The roof Crow did that once,

then he came back  and scooped as many as he could get into his mouth.

That was an amazing site to see…all those fries being crammed into

his beak….over and over….dropping a couple and picking them back up!

Then I saw something I couldn’t believe. He took 5 or 6 fries (while the

other Crow was away), and put them into the bushes next to our car. He

then picked up a large, dry, oak leaf, and covered up the

fries!! I could hardly believe my eyes!! What an intelligent thing to do!! Meanwhile,

the other Crow came back looking for more. Our roof crow, was out of the

bushes, almost acting a little lame. He kind of cowered a bit, while picking up

a piece of gravel and chewing

on it, as if to say….this is all we have left to eat! How sly was that?

I began telling folks I know, what I saw. Many people already knew how

extremely intelligent these birds are.  I went online and found out

many things about the Black Crow. The Intelligent Black Crow 

Did you know they are known for using tools? And, did you know that

many Crows gathered together  are called  A Murder Of Crows?

That’s kind of spooky.  Check this out….All About Crows  ….

this is probably more information than anyone would ever want to know

about these birds! They have been coming to my back yard and field

since this past winter, for the first time, on a regular basis. They like

wide open spaces and composts….I have both in my back yard. I will take

some pictures and share with you sometime. What do you all think

about these birds?? A nuisance or do you like them? 

You have GOT to see this video!!! I couldn’t believe it!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?????????????????????????????????



Lola said...

I have done the same thing. Thinking something would be so good but finding out it's not quite so.
I like all birds but sometimes these can be a bit annoying as they can clean out a feeder in no time. They seem to run off other birds also.

Eva Gallant said...

That was an amazing video!

R. J. said...

Aren't they gutsy little devils! Like most animals, they are fun in small numbers, but too many of them seem like pests. I prefer watching hummingbirds.

Jean Merriman said...

You can have your dogs and cats, I am a bird person and have 4. That being said, I do not like crows at all but that video is great. Being the bird person that I am, I can tell you all birds have some intelligence. I guess if they did'nt, they would not survive in the wild. Even my parakeets and cockatiels are smart. I have always wondered where the "bird brain" expression came from.

On another note Debbie, I will give you a call in a couple of weeks. Starting last Sunday untill at least the 15th I have several people coming and going from away so am super busy right now. Dawn will be down on the 4th and I will find out when is a good time for her. Your MIL sounds like a real fun person so the more the merrier. Probably I spelled that wrong but I think you know what I mean. Wish we could get Kathleen to come also but I know it is a 3 or more hour ride for her.

GeeGee said...

What a interesting and enjoyable piece you wrote on the crow ... plus the video. Bravo!
Love, your MIL

Lola said...

Happy 4th girl.

Debbie said...

Lola:...They absolutely CAN be a nuisance and I think probably get a bad rap because of it. I have what I think to be a "couple" in my back yard. Did you know they mate for life? It's kind of nice watching this couple wander around out there. Happy 4th to you too Lola!! Thanks for coming by...I so appreciate it!
Eva:...Happy 4th to you too Eva!! Thanks for always popping in. You are a loyal girl too!
R.J...I totally agree!
Jean:...Dawn has my telephone number and my email address. Let's communicate via email and we can set up a date. No hurry...we have a lot going on right now.
GeeGee...My best friend and mother in law...glad to see you here!! Well...YOU were the one that told me to write this story after I told it to you!!! Luv ya!

Elenka said...

Yeah, I've seen stuff about crows. There's a guy that trained them to used coins in a machine to get food.
I also found this is amazing.

click here

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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