Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Carissa…..

CARISSA Today is my dear daughter’s 29th birthday!! This is her (above) at a wedding.

Carissa prom 1 And here she was dressed for the prom.

carissaadam2 With Boyfriend Adam….(they broke up some time ago!)

Carissa tat This was her latest tattoo that I posted about a while back. She also has a dragonfly on her shoulder.

DSC04312Here she is with her uncle Steve at Port Hole celebration in Portland.

artcarissaAnd with her other uncle Art who entertained us all at Port Hole.

brookcarissaAnd with her best friend and roommate at the time, Brooke.

DSC04184Playing a tinfoil guitar…..

DSC04201Breakfast with her brother….

DSC04212Hugging the real love of her life….her beloved dog Piper!!

Happy Birthday Honey!!!!

Well folks……I planted my garden yesterday….I know…I am late…but I got it done!! I am so proud of myself because it was not easy.

I have had a lot of health issues and pain….that’s ok…I have my garden in!! Yay!

I have multi-colored mini corn or popcorn, regular sweet corn, 3 different kinds of cukes, regular pumpkin and white pumpkin called Lumina,

tomatoes, regular green zucchini and yellow zucchini, butternut squash, vermicelli spaghetti squash, 2 rows of rainbow carrots and one row of

cosmic purple carrots, sunflowers, and red eye squash. I think that’s it but I may have forgotten something…not sure. Did you all plant gardens

this year????


Rain said...

Wow!! so glad someone else is lagging behind in their garden planting! thought I must be the only one-got most in yesterday also-and the rest today--I PROMISE myself! Even in the rain I'll be singing and planting! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!~~Rain
enjoy your day and feel better!

Jean Merriman said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter. Hope her day is very special.

I have peas that are up to the point of 2 feet tall and I had planted onions and potatoes when I got the peas in and they are doing great. I also have radish ready to eat. I have a no show on my carrots so need to plant them over. Lettuce is nearly ready to eat. I have had to plant half my beans over as I had planted them a month ago when it rained all the time so I think the seeds rotted. I have planted about half of my tomatoes but have lost 3 or 4. Darn weather....40's and 50's for the middle of June is crazy, even for Maine. I have not dared to plant my corn or orka yet. Same with winter squash and melons but have got them started in the house. I will do the summer squash this week and have the cukes ready to go out. I think you can't be too late this year cause of the cold so late. Hopefully we will make it up on the other end and have an extended fall. My broccolli, brussel sprouts and cabbage are coming alon slowly. Now that I have been long winded I will get the devil off here.

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! Good for you! I'm not a gardener, and we don't have space for it anyway, but I used to have a garden years ago.

Debbie said...

Rain....Well the best time to plant is in the rain I think. You don't have to water it! The only problem is the cold! I hope my seeds sprout...God now I am worried about that. Thanks for coming by and good luck to you. Glad I am not the only one that's late!
Jean....All I can say is WOW! You are an excellent gardener!! I can't believe how much you plant! It must be a HUGE garden! I love hearing about it. I wish you were closer...I'd come by and see it. How is Dawn?? I called her the other day and left message with hubby. He said she'd be back in an hour and would call me but she never did. I figure she got busy. He said she's better...thank God.
Eva....You are so darned loyal Eva! You ALWAYS come by no matter what...I love that! HOpe you are well my friend. I will come by to see you right now!

Lola said...

That sounds like a marvelous garden. Hope it all does well. Mine is on the downhill.
Just bell/banana peppers, a couple tomatoes, some bush beans, corn didn't do good. To heck with this dwarf kind. I really think it got too hot too soon. Carrots not ready yet. The carrots I planted 2 days ago when transplanted tomato plants went by the way side from the gully washer we had. onions, garlic, shallots can be used now.
Just too hot for anything.
Sure hope you feel better soonest.

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