Wednesday, September 1, 2010



   I woke up this morning with a  pretty good sized area that is very swollen, under my left eye!! For the past few days I have been rashing out here and there on my arms and wrists. An occasional small swelling will show up too on my wrists. I should have paid attention to it and taken the dreaded Benadryl that makes me so sleepy. Now I look like I have been in an accident! It’s not a good look. I think I scared a customer that came to the door a few minutes ago! Glad I don’t have to be anywhere today! My allergies, which I have been experiencing for about 9 months now, off and on, are a mystery to me and my doctors. I need to have an expensive blood work done to see if it is a result of my immune system. I cannot afford that right now but will have to have it done sometime soon I am sure.

Fall is on it’s way finally!! Although you would never know it here in Maine. The temps have been in the 90’s for the past two days and we broke some more records in the weather books. This year has been record breaking in many ways. I am harvesting my garden slowly. I am really pleased with the amount and quality of my pumpkins. I just cooked up some of the yellow corn and froze that. It was delicious. I still need to harvest the carrots by digging them up this year. I let the weeds take over in that area of the garden so I probably have NO carrots….we’ll see. My kids love to dig those up.

The kids are coming out here on Saturday. Bobbie and I are having the whole family over for a day of eating and visiting. An end of the summer gathering. I have been getting tomatoes from the garden but most are still green! I will never grow Roma’s again….they are too dry. The popcorn is beginning to show ears but it will still be a while. There won’t be many. I made the mistake of growing that corn in one single row. It should have been two…one beside the other. It needs that for seeding. Next year!

As soon as I get my camera charged up, I will take photos and show you what I mean. I must get pictures before this Saturday, when everyone will be going home with a basket of garden goodies. It’s a tradition!!

Please, everyone keep our friend Dawn, from C & G Design in your prayers for a speedy recovery from her surgery and a cancer free life from here on end. She is a very strong and brave girl but certainly our prayers can’t hurt. I hope you are all well. This Benadryl is kicking in and making me very sleepy so it’s time to sign off. Stay well and be happy. .~~.




Kathleen said...

I hear your misery. I have never had allergies and am so thankful....of course I have a lot of other health issues, so......... I hope you have a beautiful Saturday with your family gathering. Am anxious to see your garden photos. And yes, Dawn is in our prayers, and our hearts and thoughts are with her. She will prevail! Hugs, and Luv, Kathleen

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, I hope you and your family wil have a great time! I'm have a conversation with Mother nature for you all and the son's actual first football game.
Thanks for the shout out and all of you all's well wishes, hopefully it will be over shortly. Thanks, for your wonderful support.

Eva Gallant said...

Allergies are awful! Good luck getting through them!

Eva Gallant said...

Allergies are awful! Good luck getting through them!

Lori said...

I have never struggled with alergies like this and I am really thankful for that. I know others that suffer with them and so know it can make a person miserable. I sure understand not being able to affort medical things and yet needing them. :(

I hope you have a wonderful family gathering with all the harvest from your garden. So sweet of you to share. :) Hope you feel much much better soon! XX

Jenna Ann said...

I suffer from allergies. My sinuses swell up and ramp up mucous production at the same time. Its a miserable combinations. Sometimes my eyes, ears and face get very itchy. There have been times of massive swelling in my face and blinding migraines. I still suffer from allergies but never have those problems anymore. Here is what I do...

I made some reusable tea bags from unbleached muslin. I stuff one full of dried nettles I get at the local health food store in bulk and steep it in water to make a cup of tea. Nettles are just LOADED with natural antihistamines and consuming it doesn't make me drowsy like benadryl does. I often sweeten it with local honey to help "immunize" me to local pollens. I also use a neti pot. Neti pots are weird at first but easy to get used to and brings fast relief. Since using these two natural remedies, I've not had a single sinus migraine or swelling.

One problem....consuming nettles makes you urinate...a LOT. LOL So I have to drink extra water and make sure not to go on any road trips after drinking my tea.

Elenka said...

Yes, allergies are awful. My son can make enough mucus the slide the Titanic down the rails and into the water in one day.
That Neti pot does help him.
I have not too many complaints about the garden this year. First ears of corn were devoured today! Yum.

Shelia said...

Poor thing! I'm so sorry about your allergies! I have them but they don't react like that on me. Hope you get some relief.
Enjoy your fresh produce and yes I'll keep your friend in my prayers.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi debbie....the mac and cheese is soooo good. you can basically make any recipe and just add old bay seasoning. i used up cheese i had in the frig. i used cheddar, some havarti and a bit of provolone. i added about 3 T. of old bay. thanks for all your nice comments!!!

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