Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September’s Happenings…..

DSC04944   There’s a lot going on over here on the plains. Come on up the deck stairs & into the house and see. The garden is very close to being ready to pull everything out for the season. I got a million or so of these…DSC04939  DSC04933 One thing about the Roma is that the plants put out a lot of tomatoes!! Bushels!! I harvested some of these…DSC04932 and these…DSC04941 DSC04942 and was so happy to get a lot of these…DSC04940 

DSC04943I am loving the look of my lemon colored sunflowers. The many branches on one plant are awesome!DSC04991

DSC04992 DSC04993 I am so drawn to sunflowers.DSC05001 These always remind me of a brush stroke. And these too….DSC05005 I didn’t get that many of these colors this year. DSC05006A close up of a school bus yellow one. My popcorn is finally filling out and tassels are turning brown. Can’t wait to see if I got any colored corn!DSC04997 See how each plant puts off at least 3 to 5 ears!DSC04998 The sweet corn stalks are being used for this….DSC05009  DSC05011 I make my own hay bales with a milk crate and long grass from the field. This one needs more grass….you can see the red crate coming through! All of those gourds and squash and pumpkins came from my garden this year. And this is what my husband has been doing a lot….DSC05013 cutting tile on this  saw in the yard!! He worked in the pouring rain for 5 hours last week cutting ceramic tile to be laid on my kitchen floor!! Can you believe it? I thought he was crazy but he wanted to get it done. He and his friend had made a plan for that night and they pulled it off! It’s a good thing he didn’t get sick. He was soaked to the bone! I will show some pictures of my new floor soon. It is getting grouted tonight.

I went to a yard sale this summer that my daughter had,  and bought this….DSC04931 casserole dish. Guess what? As I was leaving, I remembered that I bought it for her for Christmas  about 3 or 4 years ago! Ha! Apparently that’s why I liked it? Shame on you Carissa! You could have at least hidden it or sold it before I came! Just kidding. I teased her about it before I left and am glad to have it. I already made a lasagna in it!

   I met a very neat lady recently that owns a shop called Screen Door Collectibles. It’s a pretty funny story actually. I was out on a Saturday in my home town perusing yard sales. I had time to check out just one more quick one and I came across hers. Her shop is located in a one car garage next to her house. The yard sale was in the driveway leading up to the shop. I was mesmerized by the items I was seeing and also the hand painted folk art chairs and furniture! I finally made it up to the garage/shop and was even more excited at what I was seeing. I kept looking around trying to find the person running this lovely shop, when I heard a kind voice say “Can I help you find anything?” There she was….hand painting something…and sitting behind “Two brightly painted Screened Doors” that were connected together  in the shape of a V and being used like one of those Japanese privacy screens!! How cute!! This was hanging on one of the screen windows and I think I paid a dollar for it….DSC04934 I had to have it. It has beads on the ropes…. that are attached to old rusty bells…..pretty colored beads…see..

DSC04935 She had this bowl sitting on her desk behind the screens. It had some candy in it. I asked about it. She took the candy out and sold it to me for fifty cents. A piece had been glued back onto it. I couldn’t tell…..besides….it is for my room upstairs….so who cares!DSC04936 I loved it!! See the frog and the lily pads?DSC04937 Isn’t he cute?DSC04938 It has a twig base and it’s a Fitz and Floyd….so no wonder it’s so adorable!!

On a more personal note, I spoke with Dawn from C & G Design this week.image She is supposed to be going home from the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) and will begin Chemo as soon as she is feeling up to it. She will tell everyone what has happened to her I am sure. She’s been through a lot….she’s a very brave girl. Please continue to keep her in your prayers…..thank you.





Eva Gallant said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a very productive garden! Good for you. Some good eating there!

Lori said...

OH my goodness you have been BUSY! Wow! All that harvest from your garden is so yummy but I know all too well the work involved. Our garden is done and has been pulled. We will miss all the fresh veggies we ate all summer.

I LOVE your beautiful sunflowers...I so want to grow some next year. :)

How flippin cool that you make your own hay bale...I am going to show this to my husband and see if we could manage to make one that looks as good as yours does. :)

Very cute that you bought the very dish that you gave your daughter.

I simply love your finds...isn't that so fun?

I sure enjoyed seeing and reading about your part of the world. XX

I am still praying for your friend. XX

Elenka said...

Gads, you jam pack so much into one post!!
So many of your photos look like they are taken in our own yard and garden! Except for your husband cutting tile, of course. Isn't that tile cutter electric? Couldn't he get electrocuted working out in the rain like that? What a trouper.
We used one of those things once, not exactly easy when you have to cut something more complex than a straight line. But, Oh, ceramic tile....it's going to be soooo nice. We got our heated in the bathroom, and that, my friend, is heaven!!
Rest in peace, dear gardens.

Debbie said...

Eva:...We didn't get as much "eating" out of it as we have in past years. The varieties of veggies were just not there this year. They will be next year though. Thanks for popping in!
Lori:...Thanks for your comments! I started making hay bales one year when we were really broke and it stuck! Last year it was an old ginger ale box. That worked better because of the pale color but I can't find it! Oh well...anything will do that is weather proof. Give it a try! Thanks for coming by my friend.
Elenka: Oh you made me laugh! I DO seem to cram an awful lot into one post don't I?? I guess I just have so many things I want to share and I know I can't do another post for a while! Heated ceramic tile?? I thought about that before we started but knew it would be too expensive and too much work. I LOVE that idea because they are cold!! Damn...nearly jumped the first time I walked across them in the morning without slippers! Thanks for coming by....love it when you do!

Kathleen said...

I was surprised that Dawn was still in the hospital. I am sure she will be gald to finally get home.
Your butternut squash is simply beautiful. I love those Roma tomatoes...they are my favorites. Your gourds are great, and I think I see some Sweet Dumpling squash mixed in with them??

Fall is fianlly here. I am so ready. My life has been pretty quiet.
A new kitchen floor.....you lucky lady! How have you been feeling??
Love and hugs, Kathleen

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Wow, that's some bounty there!!

I so need to redo my kitchen too but the thought of all that is overwhelming. I need new floors, new or at least resurfaced cabinets, new countertops and new appliances, one of which I would love to be a new gas stove. Since we are an all electric house, that's a whole 'nother project. It's just too much to think about so I can't wait to see YOUR new kitchen!

Hope your friend Dawn is on the mend soon.

Debbie said...

Kathleen:....I emailed you this morning. Thanks for the comments on the butternut and yes that IS sweet dumpling squash...tiny little ones! It's pretty stressful doing all this kitchen stuff so be grateful!! Thanks for coming by. Hope all is well with you!
Mary:...Each year we try to pick something that we are going to improve. We have lived in the same 1983 house for all these years with no improvements. It was started to go all around us. A few years ago the siding and the roof were going so we replaced both of those and that was costly. Last year we did our tiny little living room. We had already replaced our stove and fridge...nothing real high end...well the stove is a glass top and self cleaning. My cupboards need painting or refacing too! Can't do that this year though....nor the counters. The floor and walls and new doors and lights this year and the cupboards painted and the bathroom will be next year. Lowe's is offering a credit card right now with 6 months free of payments! If you pay it off in 6 months, no interest at all! But if you don't...your screwed!:) Oh Mary I hope you get there....just do it in pieces, as you can afford it. Thanks for coming by!!

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I don't know Debbie - maybe. Maybe I just need to do a piece at a time, but no, not me, I want it all and I want it now LOL!! ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, God bless Dawn and I will be praying for her!
Now your harvest looks wonderful. You had me drooling at those beautiful ears of corn! I love fresh corn. Your little pumpkins and gourds and sunflowers - gorgeous!
Oh, even if you don't get your kitchen finished - come anyway!
Take care and I hope you're feeling good.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

... What an attractive and interesting blog you create! I love it. So artistic and lively and 'comfortable'. A wonderful, feel-good' place to visit. Soon Dawn will be posting w/her beautiful creations. Prayer for all. GeeGee

Claudia said...

The wonderful vegetables from your garden are so gorgeous! Love the way you make a hay bale, Debbie.

Thanks so much for your comments. And for your honesty about your nephew. Ah well, what can you do? I really appreciate the fact that you mentioned my husband to him.

Have a wonderful day.


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