Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Friend In Need…….


   Most of you that follow my friend Dawn’s blog, at  C & G Design,  know that she is in  the hospital. I have been calling her every chance I get and she is getting better day by day.  She sure could use your prayers. She wanted me to tell you a few things. She is hoping to come home by weeks end. She is focused on healing, as she should be, so she will not be posting until she is feeling up to it. When I spoke with her this afternoon, she felt bad about that. I asked her why? She just thoroughly enjoys it and has met so many great people through the blogs. I want to thank those of you who have contacted me regarding Dawn. I let her know and she was really pleased. She’s a tough lady and she will get through this bump in the road. Make sure you check her blog each day….she’ll be back soon and I am sure she will by posting regarding exactly what happened to her!

  image I probably won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks because my kitchen is under construction. My refrigerator and stove are in my dining room. My little cape cod is upside down right now. We are repainting the walls, laying ceramic tile on the floor, putting in all new interior doors, replacing an old beam with an updated one and many other tasks along the way. We have been at it less than a week and already have had many mishaps that I will blog about  at some other time!! My house is a mess and it drives me nuts. Why is it that carpenters think it is alright to leave the door wide open??? I must have killed,  with no exaggeration, 60 house flies, between last night and today. Yuck!!


That’s ok…..I need to focus on the positive. My kitchen is going from 1983 to 2010!! Yay!!! The cupboards and sink won’t be done right now but that’s alright. We plan on painting the cupboards at some point. We are getting lots of pictures, in between shoveling out the sawdust and sheetrock dust. See you in a couple of weeks hopefully!! You all enjoy this beautiful season!!



Kathleen said...

That Dawn is a tough cookie..she will beat this I am sure. I have been sending her a card now and then....sending prayers, too!. A new kitchen! You lucky woman! Think of the gourmet meals you will be whipping up. Now, all you have to do is get through the renovation itself. Sounds like it will be great...can't wait to see the pics.
Luv and hugs

Michelle said...

Awwww..I will definitely send some prayers Dawn's ways! I have yet to meet her so I will have to swing over there. So nice of you to check on her! Sorry your house is upside down but yes, think of the end result. :) Oh and you know I'm an animal lover...but flies! Ugh!! I still cup them and throw them out. LOL!

Eva Gallant said...

How wonderful that you're getting a kitchen makeover!

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! I hope Dawn continues to get better and thanks for keeping us informed about her.
Oh, how exciting about your kitchen! Since it will be done in a couple of weeks you'll have to come to my party on Oct. 13. I'm having a Heart of the Home Party and we'll be showing our kitchens. What an opportunity to show off your newness of kitchen.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lori said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend. I have not met her yet so will have to stop over at her place. That is so sweet of you to be reaching out to her. Prayers going out for your friend in need.

How exciting that your getting all this stuff done even though being in the middle of renovations is not fun. It will sure be nice when it's all done though and you will have to take pictures to show us.

Now remember to take some deep breathes and eventually all those carpenters will be out of there and you will have such a nice kitchen to cook in! :) XX

Claudia said...

Good luck with your kitchen - that sounds exciting!

I know of Dawn through Pink Saturday, though I really don't participate anymore. I didn't know of her illness and I will be sure to include her in my prayers.


Elenka said...

Just visited Dawn....hoping she will get well soon.
Did the kitchen thing, too. I remember pieces of cellulose insulation falling down in my grapefruit.
Not fun, but time flies and it will be worth it.
Hope you're feeling good, too.

Anonymous said...

... I agree - Times does fly by and at this particular time so do the flies "fly by but never from our homes until we've 'smacked them to hell!' Also, the time of construction and make-overs! Your home will be a place of newness, prettiness ... sweet chocolates for the eye - embracements for the mind! Are you taking pictures, Debbie? Right now I'm looking at sunshine, not much of it but it's there and the Autumn winds have quieted. A great day for us all! Blessings and love ... GeeGee

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