Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Carissa Dee…..



   There she is at Christmas time a few years ago teasing her brother and wearing most of the bows that came off her presents. From the time she was little, she ripped stickers off things and saved them or wore them. Chiquita banana stickers were her favorite, and she usually would stick them on her face. My little girl is 28 years old today and she is away doing what she loves…camping! Every year for the past several years it has been a trip to Bar Harbor but this year she went to Crocker Pond Campground in Bethel, Me. image She loves to hike, fish, swim, canoe, sit around a fire and eat marshmallows, play guitar, drink beer and raise heck. She is there with her close friends both male and female. I talked with her this morning and she was napping in her tent after having breakfast cooked on the fire…scrambled eggs with cheese, and banana and strawberries. The weather is kind of crappy but they will make fest_037 She’s always been a little fest_107 These 2 photos above are from a big music festival my family and I put on in memory of my folks a few years ago.

DSC04142 She loves her brother.Christmas 2001 (15) She’s even patient at times with her mother when she wants to be! The one above was taken several years ago. I was singing a song with her.DSC04312 She loves her uncles…artcarissa ….and she loves to play a little on the wild side…………..


vacation 338  but the absolute LOVE of her life, without a shadow of doubt is PIPER…her beloved dog!!






   That’s probably the only grand child I will ever get and if that’s the case…that’s alright. Piper gets away with everything! So….to my crazy, lovable, artistic, beautiful, amazing daughter……HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY….hope you have many, many, more…..


              Love you…. Your mother.


penny patten said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by my Blog and linking up! Happy Birthday wishes!

Eva Gallant said...

What a nice tribute to your daughter. Wish her a happy birthday for me, too!

Debbie said...

Penny:...Thanks for coming by! I will be stopping back in often at your place and good lucky with fixing the computer problem!
Eva:...Thanks friend....I will as soon as I see her!!

Dawn said...

Happy belated B-day to Carissa! AND...she is just up the road from us! Probaby driving by, we went to the pond when Madame was 2, she loved it.
I can't seem to find the comment section on the Calendar Girls post but what a great story! I didn't realize it was based on a true story. So funny.

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