Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden Delight Mode……


   I finally got around to planting my garden! Above is a photo of last years garden…one of my favorite veggies to grow………pickling cukes. No pictures of my garden yet you say? You would be correct! The batteries are always dead in the camera when I want to use it………every darn time. Most of my seeds came from Pine Tree Garden Seeds in New Gloucester, Maine………probably only 5 miles or so from my home, a modest seed company, set back away from the road and looking more like an old New England farm. With the exception of probably 30 cars in the driveway, you’d never know it was a place of business. Almost all women work there.Pine Tree Garden Seeds usually has just about anything you are looking for in gardening.

DSC04417I have planted all of the above from last years harvest once again. The baby pumpkin, butternut squash, and gourd assortment. I am also excited to once again plant my favorite new veggie….Rainbow Carrots!! If you haven’t tried them yet, you just have to!! They are wonderful to look at and so, so, sweet! They are so popular that Pine Tree was out so I had to go in search of them elsewhere. I found them at a local nursery. They are becoming quite popular. Along with the rainbow carrots, I am adding the Atomic Red Carrot….can’t wait to see those. Another new one to me this year is the Sweet Dumpling Squash.

image Here is a photo above of this squash. It is used for fall decoration and it is also supposed to be a great squash to cook too.

I am planting two butternuts….an Early and a Watham. I planted Snow peas by the name of Carouby de Maussane once again. I grew them a couple of years ago. Not only are they plentiful, they are also extremely sweet.image I love them and when we get Chinese, we ask for extra snow peas, onion, and garlic EVERY TIME! They know us very well now by our special order!

Along with the baby small sugar pumpkin, I am growing a larger variety called Connecticut Field Pumpkins. They grow up to 15 pounds. A recommended Incredible Yellow corn is in the garden this year but I was intrigued by a Mini Colored Popcorn that Pine Tree offered.

image    The seeds look just like the photo above. They are of all different colors….very cool. You can dry the ears and actually pop them, or use it for ornamental decorating in the fall. Many of the reds and burgundies have colored husks as well. The stalks are six feet tall and they bear 5 to 8, five inch ears, 3/4 of an inch in diameter. They pop slightly smaller kernels of popcorn. I have a space master cucumber, that grows on a 3 foot vine, and a smaller pickle type, of course. Detroit Beets, a lovely Sunflower mix, Marconi Red and Sweet Banana Peppers, Roma tomatoes ~~~~~~ six of them, and I think that’s it! I can’t wait to watch everything grow!!!!!!!!! I just love watching the garden and can’t wait to see photos of what you are trying this year? Will check back in soon.

DSC02532 This is from a couple of years ago. Some of the cucumbers had the funniest shapes. The carrots were actually x-rated!


Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! Oh, you've been busy!! Now I do love butternut squash and buy some quite frequently. It is delicious!
Don't work too hard.
Be as sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dawn said...

Hmm...I was just telling hubby about those rainbow carrots but the corn looks intriguing to me. I wonder if raccoons would leave it alone? I still have to get a few things planted and I can't wait until the veggies start coming either!

Kathleen said...

I love Sweet Dumpling squash. It is a bit like acorn squash. Delicious baked with some butter and brown sugar! Hope your life is going well. I am dealing with yet another attack of depression. It's so hard to climb out of those. I think of you often, my friend.
hugs & luv, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Sheila:...It's the best squash isn't it? Thanks for popping in with all the renovating your doing!
Dawn:...Oh you should try both of them!! We can compare notes!
Kathleen:...Thanks for coming by my friend. I think of you often too! We all go through periods of feeling blue. Hope you are well soon. Prayers for you.

Shelia said...

Hi Debbie! My sister in law just sent me some yellow squash she grew and I sliced it up, breaded it and fried the soup out if. It was so good!!
Thanks for liking my pillows. You make me feel so special!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbie said...

Oh Sheila you're just the best!!

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